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I'm a out of state drawer. I saw your post. I'm a veteran. Would love some info. I've only been able to scout a few areas and I'm limited to public access in unit 6. I've found it's hard hunting. If you're still willing to help I'm willing to put in the leg work. Planning on coming back next weekend if I can get off. Either way, I'd like to talk. My first time on elk and I'm trying to diy. Thanks for any help
Good Evening,

Would you mind me asking which Western Auto you got that gun at? My Grandfather owned the one in Russell Springs.
trust me when I say 5-8000 an acre(at auction) is pretty much the going land prices in south central KY like barren, Metcalfe, Allen, etc ........if you listed the property with a realtor rural farm land is 8-10,000 per cent . and you pay the broker, not the buyer , typically. If you told people what county you were in you would get better feedback.
How do like that Konus .Ihave looked at those well ,do they have a focus ring to focus for your each individuals eyes and does it have a good eye relief?
I like it alot, yes you can focus to your eyes, the eye relief is pretty good I put it on a picatinny rail on a mossburg 500 20 ga.
I bought 2 different red dots and the dots were blurry for me.

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