Youth tag filled!!!


12 pointer
Jan 2, 2009
raised n Bullitt Co.
Been playing cat and mouse with this dude for over a week. Found out where he was this morning; had 3 cows with him. Picked Connor Up from school and went straight to the property. Parked , walked about 100 yards to where we were gonna set up. Looked down the lane he was seen at this morning and there he stood with his cows. Already on his feet at4:30pm. Ranged him at 288. Connor had a solid tripod rest and said he felt good about taking the shot. The rest is history. He made an awesome shot! I won’t mention any names on here but the land owner made this all come together and is greatly appreciated. He will be getting his share of elk meat!!!! View attachment 105198 View attachment 105199 View attachment 105200
How far did it go? Die in that clearing and you could drive truck to it?