Youth Der Rifle?

Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by easternkyhunter, Nov 17, 2020.

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    Aug 4, 2013
    Two directions to go...

    1. A low cost temporary rifle to get him started but plan on replacing...
    2. A quality rifle that he can grow into and use for a lifetime...

    Option 1
    Go with a Rossi combination set (22 LR, 20 G shotgun, 243) with an inexpensive scope on the 243...the shorter length of pull is an advantage (the light weight has both advantages-easy to hold/support and disadvantages-recoil)...when he gets old enough for option 2, sell the Rossi to someone else starting their kid(s) out...

    An AR15 that you ALREADY own can be used in pinch (a six position stock is an advantage as is the low recoil)... With a 223, go with the Nosler Partition bullet or the Barnes TTSX for a bit more reliable performance...

    Option 2
    Go with a compact bolt action rifle (Winchester M70, Ruger M77 or Remington M700) in 7mm08 or 308...the compact version has a shorter LOP for use now and the stock can be replaced later on as he grows into it...KY rules require rifles to be at least 270 (0.277") for elk or bear which might be something to interest him in time...either the 7mm08 (0.284") or the 308 meet the criteria (whereas the 243, 25-06 and 6.5CM (0.264") do not)...

    Another option would be a Marlin 336 Youth/Compact in 30-30 if you/he/she happens to be a lever action lover... I would love to see Ruger-Marlin offer compact stocks for their 1894 line as an 1894c in 357 would make an excellent, though costly, option 1 as well as a self-defense rifle...

    Personally, I have a split mind on option 2--I would likely go with the Ruger M77 Compact in 308 with a nice wood stock (it will probably get some nicks in it but those should be memories too) and mount either a 3-9x40 Vortex or Leupold scope on it...try to locate some reduced recoil 308 loads at first, especially for practice, but sight in with a quality full power load for actual hunting (he/she will never notice the recoil when shooting at a deer)...

    You will also probably need to consider a nice YOUTH shotgun for small game, turkey and deer (thinking Ft Knox)... The Remington 870 Youth Combo in 20 G is tough to beat...(18 1/2" rifled barrel with cantilever (for scope mounting) and a 21" Rem choked vent-rib barrel for small game and turkey)...
    Hornady 250 gr SST slugs for deer...turkey shells are individual choices depending on recoil tolerance...
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    Depending on what range you are shooting I have been using the 350 legend with my kids and they all handle the recoil well, its less then a 243 and 30-30. Mine is a ruger american. We have dropped three deer with it so far. Very happy with it. 150-200 yards is about max range.
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    Just got the BPS/Cabela's Black Friday Deals flyer-- they're selling Savage Axis XP, with scope, for $239 after rebate. "In multiple calibers." So if you're looking for a 'good enough for now,' that's a possibility.

    Also, once you've bought der Rifle, don't forget about den Bulleten. [That's a little German humor for y'all. Thanks. I'll be here all season.]

    Edit: In store only.
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  4. 30-30 was my choice for my kids. As mentioned it reaches out to 200 with Leverevolution if you can find it. Good knockdown power for a humane kill and is easy on the kickback. No need for more than 200uds for youth so it’s perfect IMO.
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    Southeastern KY
    243, 6.5, 308, 7mm-08

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