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Dec 21, 2009
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It won't be very long and the people will start filing taxes. This coming year they will notice the personal exemption going from 12k to 24k, for the average family or worker , this will have a significant impact on his or her return.........lets see who is bitching then.


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Jan 7, 2002
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Like others have already mentioned, he’s far from a far right, moral majority knucklehead and if the Democraps would just try, they would get somewhere. I’m almost glad they aren’t. ;)

Not only that but the Democrat Party HAS CHANGED.

Look at the last 3 elections, look at who the new Democrat members are. They are so far left than they make Pelosi look like a moderate. The Party is being pulled more and more to the far left every election and the old Democrats don't ever realize it, ALL they see is the Democrat Party or the "D" beside their name. It's THOSE PEOPLE'S fault that THEIR party has gone so far left and is keeping on going. It's the same thing with that guy that said something about nukes if we didn't give up our guns. They try to say they don't support him because he's in a different state but they support the national Democrat Party and that party supports that man and tries their best to put him in higher power.

If the older Democrat Party members don't like the changes their party is making they CAN work inside the party to change it but they do not and then keep on supporting the "D" no mater what, no mater how far left it goes. Like that nut job from New York that is now heading to become a member of Congress. SHE calls for change AGAINST the OLDER DEMOCRATS. Watch them support her, watch.

Remember how the Republicans kept calling other Republicans "RINO's" ?? Well in the 2016 election we elected Trump who CHANGED everything and stood up where those RINO's never would.

Now here we have a Democrat that thought it was funny that a party member changed parties but also calls out any Republican that votes straight line party.
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Jul 1, 2018
There are actually 4 main factions now, the old school Democrats and new radicalized left progressive Democrats who are at odds with each other.. Then there are the republicans who are becoming more progressive and the conservatives, the republicans do not like the true conservatives becaues they disprupt the status quo. Trump is none of the above which is why no one can figure him out..

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