Your favorite rod and reel?

trust me

Troubled Loner
Nov 27, 2004
Jerkwater, KY
Daiwa Pro-Lite 100, 1982 vintage, on a Berkley graphite. Followed closely by a 1972 Ambassadeur 5000 on a heavy 6 ft. fiberglass Lew's. With a big spinnerbait it casts like a sniper rifle.

My favorite spinning reel was a Garcia 408 on a mystery brand graphite 1 piece 5.5 ft rod. This one fell victim to a 3 year old but it sure wore a bunch of smallmouth out in its time.

Foam Steak

10 pointer
Jun 29, 2006
Harrison County
My favorite is the one in my hand! Seriously, I guess my favorite would have to be my big Penn saltwater rig, because when I am using that rod I am on vacation and having a good time catching some monster fish.

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