Your favorite fish to fight


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Jan 13, 2012
Shelby county
I have had the pleasure of catching fresh water fish and salt water. BOTH WERE GREAT.
But by far by me is a BIG OLD BLUEGILL OR REDEAR on ultra light tackle.


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Dec 14, 2001
Up in the woods above Lake Malone
Fresh water only....I have to go with the 25 lb plus King Salmon if you want pure power. They will melt the gears in a cheap reel on that first run where they take all your line. For show not much beats a summer run steelhead of 15 or so pounds that gets airborn at every chance. They also will take all your line and leave you with a empty reel.
For worse....Those 8 inch stocked trout that give up in a few seconds.
A 4 1/2 lb smallie around midnight on Ky Lake, smashing a big colorado blade dark spinner.
It's a rush.

Especially when they hit that spinner bait so hard the knock that Colorado blade off!!!!

X2 doesn’t get any better to me cause I’ve never broke 5 pounds lol. Damn hard to land a 6 pound smallmouth if you are ever lucky to hook one. I have no doubt I’ve hooked several but never landed one over 4 pound 15 oz and I have 3 of those.


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Jun 28, 2012
I know some on here have ocean fished a lot more than me but my first time off shore I caught some big barracuda on some medium action and it was pretty cool. They had that reel singing.


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Oct 27, 2017
Estill County
I snagged a carp that put up the best fight ive ever had for freshwater. Peeling line and dolphin jumping 2-3 feet out of the water every 10 feet. Everyone was watching me fight it wondering what the hell it was.
When I was younger my mom laid in to a 6lb carp on an ultra light rig with 4 lb test. She said oh I got one! Dad and I looked back and that reel was singing! She handed it off to me and I fought it for a good 20 minutes not knowing what the hell it was. That was a pretty exciting catch for a carp!

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