You want to see the dumbest human on Earth?

Discussion in 'Community Forum' started by CRFmxracer, Feb 19, 2021.

  1. CRFmxracer

    CRFmxracer 12 pointer

    Sep 9, 2010
    louisville kentucky

    wait until after the shooting and watch the “activist” speak in front of the media.
  2. High Rack

    High Rack 12 pointer

    Dec 21, 2009
    in the hills
    A sad situation , made worse from the BLM faction. The shooting was justified, I just hate it for those kids, that will be 2 more lost in the system, hopefully they are young enough to get through this and have a chance at a good life, but I digress, our system is totally broken when it comes to kids.
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  3. BikerTrash22

    BikerTrash22 Spike

    Nov 18, 2015
    I'm no boot licker for sure, but that woman was at fault for her own death! It was a good shoot, unfortunately in front of those kids. Im so sick of the dindu nuffins! My dad always preached (and me to my kids) to stay out of trouble, and the law won't mess with you, and so far he has been right. It pisses me off that the activist lady was stirring the shit instead of calling out the lady for coming at the police with a knife! What a clown world we our living in!
  4. Meatstick

    Meatstick 12 pointer

    Oct 25, 2013
    Washington County
    Sad deal for the kids. They'll be better for it though, obviously. Psycho bitch
  5. muddhunter

    muddhunter 12 pointer

    Oct 18, 2005
    I would assume that the dumbest human on earth you are referring to is the "activist". The dead woman was just nuts.

    I do love the "why you didn't shoot her in the leg?"
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  6. raidergson

    raidergson 8 pointer

    Dec 10, 2010
    Garrard County
    Looks as if she was intentionally, albeit insanely trying to be a martyr for her cause. The thing is that what she did will convince some.
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  7. DaveO

    DaveO 6 pointer

    Dec 30, 2017
    I wonder if the bitch would have chased the activist across the street with a knife, would she have called the police for help???
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  8. CRFmxracer

    CRFmxracer 12 pointer

    Sep 9, 2010
    louisville kentucky
    No she would’ve called a social worker duh

    on another note, after the video was released. The activist said cops never should’ve been called, they should’ve called a social worker. Lol
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  9. HuntressOfLight

    HuntressOfLight 12 pointer

    Nov 23, 2019
    Guarding my lovely bluebirds
  10. KYote-Krusher

    KYote-Krusher 12 pointer

    Jan 12, 2006
    South Central Kentucky
    Really hate to see those poor little kids have to suffer through that. Those cops did everything but run up a tree to avoid that crazy woman ... kinda reminds me of the guy with the "stick" that was a topic on here a few days ago. :(

    You have to give the Commie BS artists credit though ... they know how to turn any incident into a: "Cops shot down this wonderful person (who was up for Sainthood) in cold blood ... for no reason whatsoever!"; media circus every time. Like Breonna(?) Taylor, Michael Brown, Travon Martin ... and on and on and on.

    Anybody that has any sense has to realize that they are only trying to make people of the type that have to blame someone else for their own misery, believe the lies. Did you notice that all the pictures of her show her as an fairly attractive, thin, smiling woman but the woman in the video sure didn't look like that to me. All smoke and mirrors ... they really don't fool anybody that doesn't want to be fooled.

    Their only purpose is to divide. :cool:
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  11. mudhole crossing

    mudhole crossing 12 pointer

    Aug 20, 2007
    East ky
    We need more mental health training and treatment in the USA. She was either suffering from mental health issues or on drugs. Both are a humongous problem that needs addressed pronto.
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  12. JR in KY

    JR in KY 12 pointer

    Jan 25, 2006
    The Occupied South
    She just got her Treatment.
  13. 00noturkey

    00noturkey 12 pointer

    Oct 31, 2011
    High Grove
    chase the police with a knife an dont ask to get shot. police tried to avoid her, she wouldn't stop. i have to watch the video again.
  14. reivertom

    reivertom 12 pointer

    Dec 17, 2007
    Greenup Co.
    If she was that crazy, the kids could have been next.
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  15. reivertom

    reivertom 12 pointer

    Dec 17, 2007
    Greenup Co.
    The Leftists are the reason criminally insane people are roaming the streets. They did away with institutions for those people that need them.
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