'You Gonna Die, Bro': High Schoolers Rob Teen, Shove Guns in His Face, Share Video On Snapchat

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    And the FBI hate crime investigation is where, now?

    Go to link for video.

    'You Gonna Die, Bro': High Schoolers Rob Teen, Shove Guns in His Face, Share Video On Snapchat

    Four high schoolers in Olathe, Kansas on Halloween filmed themselves shoving guns into a young white teen's face and robbing him while shouting racial slurs before sharing the video on Snapchat.

    Two such robberies were allegedly carried out on the same day.

    KCTV covered up the true horror of the video, which you can see uncensored embedded below via WorldStarHipHop (Mirror):

    From the Kansas City Star:
    Four Olathe high school students have been charged with aggravated robbery relating to armed robberies on Halloween, one of which was recorded on video and spread on social media.

    Olathe police on Monday confirmed that the video being shared on social media was related to the robberies. Police added that all the teenage suspects have been taken into custody.

    The Johnson County District Attorney has charged the four defendants, all Olathe residents, in juvenile court, each with two felony counts of aggravated robbery.If the races were reversed, this would be the top story in the country and the video would be run on repeat 24/7 with the media blaming Trump's "rhetoric" and demanding we have a "national conversation" about race, gun control and "online radicalization through social media."

    As the victim is white, the national media has chosen to ignore the story.
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    Why sire they have , we don’t have cards to play

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