Yall should like this


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Jan 29, 2010
30 foot up!
;););)yall should like this.
"just remember, where you invest your time, energy, and money. That is where your heart is." Said the wife.
this is always a bad time of year for a marriage. :):):)


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Sep 13, 2003
My wife mentioned during the football game last night(while I was at my happiest) that she "thought" we ought to go and get her hair and the hair of my two daughters cut tomorrow (Saturday). Why do women think that a man would deliberately WANT to go shopping or sit for three hours waiting for hair to get cut??? It's ludicrous! I told her that I was going deer hunting Sat. evening and that "Sorry, I'll have to pass on the hair cuts." I'm not in the woods as we speak here at 8:54 am Sat. as my youngest Emma has a B-ball game this morning and I am the so-called coach. NOW, that is something to miss hunting for! The young years are over quickly, better enjoy them as much as possible!


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Jun 9, 2009
Boone County
my wife many years ago wanted to get married in deer season when we got engaged I told her NO WAY we needed to get married between late May to early August she ended up with June. I did not want nor need anything like that to take place during deer season.

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