Ya'll ever hear of a shrip crutch?

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    Shrip crutch.............
    It was about 1995 or 94 an Me and Tyrone was runnin the creek in the middle of January on a cold cold weekday. Nobody wandered around musch back then and especially on a week day. I remember it bein a cold gray snow spittin day and the water was up a little but there weren't many ducks around.

    We was speedin along way down by the gas line when all of a sudden Tyrone slaps me on the arm and points way don the right -o- way. It looked like geese from where I was and so I pointed the bow that way and we proceeded to run up on em.

    As we got closer we decided that they was indeed silohette decoys but we had to investigate. We moved in slowly at idle speed. It weren't long before we saw a face pop out from behind a pin oak tree and he had a big grin on his face.

    He was wearin an old jones style cammo hat and had a great big gap in his teeth. He was skinny and kind of tall but you couldn't tell much cause he was tucked down in a big ol pair of rubber waders. He smiled and waved and motioned us over.
    I shut down the 23 hp go-devil and glided into the tree line where he was hiddin. first words out of his mouth was," what the hell kinda motor is that?". Go devils were not by any means new then but there still weren't very many around these parts and the 23 was the biggest thing out so it was kind of a big deal. I tried to downplay it as much as I could because we considered it a secret weapon...."swamp motor is what we got here but it just ain't that dependable", I said reluctantly.
    He says, "what s the matter wiff it I knows a think or two about combuction engines"
    I winked at Tyrone and said." well the whole thing depends on this here U joint and U joints just can't take the kind of abuse that these motors take ..bouncin on stumps and rocks and such....matter of fact I hope we can make it home with the thing"

    The Ole boy got a crazy look in his eye..spit between the gap in his teeth and says ,"by gawd..what chall need is a shrip crutch...thats all ya need"

    I laugh and says ,"what? what the hell is a shrip crutch?" and the whole time Tyrone is shakin his head like he is embarrassed and I shouldn't talk but I can see that he is kind of laughin too."

    Ol boy keeps talkin,"shrip crutch ..shrip crutch ", he is pushin his bare palms together and grindin them to illustrate what we need to know but I just ain't understandin it.

    Then I ask him if they are havin any luck and he points to a place in the right-o-way where some cane is stickin out of the water and he says," we built a brind outta out of card board but the frood has frucked it up"

    I said, " a brind ?" He said ," yeah a fruckin brind a fruckin duck brind but the fruckin frood has messed it up "

    By this time Tyrone is layin in the bottom of the boat laughin as hard as he can without being heard too much. I tell him that I think I'm catchin on but Have to confirm it with a little more info.

    So I ask the ol boy if the card board blind works when it ain't flooded and he grins real big and spits between his teeth again and says," I tell you what big boy...if the birds is fryin this here duck brind is as good as they come....jus because my brind is card board don't mean we can't kill no ducks........you just got to get da birds to fry ...if they fryin we gonna kill them"

    I wised up and told him good luck and that if we made it home we would start experimenting with that slip clutch idea because it could be a hell of a solution.

    Me and Tyrone been runnin down there ever since and we never ever have run across ol shrip crutch again but somethin tells me he is alive and well and sittin in a brind where the birds is always fryin.
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    You steal that from the back of DU magazine?
  3. B.M. Barrelcooker

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    Jan 12, 2006
    There’s a magazine ?
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    May 20, 2011
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    I remember that story well. Even heard Tyrone tell it a few times when the birds weren't frying.

    I need to dust off the old BM Barrelcooker chronicles I have saved and re read them

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    Hey I built a blind out of card board! Its a fine insulator and a little paraffin wax will semi water proof it! Got it all fo free from Lowes.. Riding lawn mower shipping crate. That one even came with a plastic coating on it!

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