Wyoming corner crossing case...


8 pointer
Jun 19, 2016
Do you plan to try to purchase that land? I assume you could get it for pretty cheap.
I was/am trying. The big piece was bought by a mill because his parents owned a piece on other side, so he had access. It was immediately clear cut. Lumber mill owns other piece too and they will not sell it cheap. The big piece (206 acres) was bought for $750 acre. They clear cut it and sold it for $1200. Attached to his parents piece


6 pointer
Oct 7, 2015
Can’t understand why a guberment would purchase land locked land without plan for public access. Not fair to taxpayer. I can see a landowner not wanting general public cutting across a large swath of their land but when it basically touches that’s ridiculous. That being said it should have been addressed before purchase.

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