Wooded plot without a dozer start to finish


12 pointer
Oct 28, 2003
harrodsburg, ky, USA.
That kind of work is therapy for me. I have 40 acres, about 15 wooded. I been grubbing cutting and spraying bush honeysuckle for 20 years. Its never ending, results can be seen. Now i can find oak seedlings in the woods where used to be nothing but bare dirt under the honeysuckle.
Not to mention the 900 or so seedlings i have planted. So now i have closer to 25 acres of woods. Would like to plant a couple more acres.
The first seedlings i planted are 20-25 feet tall now.
Too the left behind the boy is some sycamores planted about 12 years ago.
Most what i planted were oaks, but that soggy spot just seemed well suited for sycamores. They have done well !

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