Wooded plot without a dozer start to finish

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Aug 16, 2012
Hog Town USA
Why keep the cedar?
It just seamed a waist to burn all of those big 20 and 30 foot logs. Im curently building a tower stand out of treated lumber and when its finished I will have a good bit of $$ in it. Im planing to building a log style blind on this spot with the trees that came out of it. The log blind will only have treated floor and roof and should be alot more afordable. When I find the energy and the time to build it I can post pics.


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Dec 1, 2003
Western Kentucky
For years I had wanted a food plot in this spot but didnt want to get a dozer. Two sumers ago I finally took it on. View attachment 53232
View attachment 53233 View attachment 53234
I started clearing the under groth.
The most efficient way I found was using a brush blade on my weedeater. Piling it ontop of a cable and pulling it out of the woods with the UTV.

View attachment 53235
After I had most of the brush gone I took a lawn mower in and cleaned it up to see what I realy had mainy because I was tired of cutting and daging redbud saplings. Below was after mowing. View attachment 53236
Started pulling a few trees with the tractor and chain. After pulling a couple I quickly realized it was much easier and efficient to use the tractors front end loader bucket to push them over.

View attachment 53237 View attachment 53238 View attachment 53239 View attachment 53240

Draging all the trees out pre-tilled the ground. View attachment 53241
Nice job.

bird whisperer

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Aug 16, 2012
Hog Town USA
How’s it doing 6 years later?
I'm actually curious myself
It has done well enough, its a rare day when you dont see deer in it.. It got sprayed and reseeded this fall to not get any rain. If the clover doesn't take it will get reseeded in the spring. My oldest boy was able to take his first deer off of it late muzzleloader 2020 and we have taken several does. I primarily use it for the kids because of the warm dry shooting house. Apologies for the slow response we are duck hunting and not spending much time looking at the phone.



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Oct 9, 2006
Very impressed. I have several sites I need to do that to but have no tractor or atv yet. Looking forward to having the tools. Doubt it will ever turn out as nice as yours but you have given me a goal.

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