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    Dec 5, 2007
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    I nearly stepped on several freshly hatched chicks a couple of years ago during spring turkey season. I was easing around the hill through a wet spot, noticed little round circles cleaned out of leaves and debris. Thought it might be turkey scratching at first, took a couple more steps and happened to be looking down when a while splotch appeared a few inches away from my boot. Bent over to look closer and then realized I had scared the [email protected]### out of a chick. Kept looking around without moving and found 4 or 5 more within 2 or 3 foot of where I was standing. Took pictures with my phone but the stupid phone died the next year and lost the pics. After I finished taking pics I carefully went by and continued a few yards and spooked momma who flew a few yards and lit. I too used to believe they did not nest here but they absolutely do, these chicks were freshly hatched and did not have all their flight feathers.

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