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Discussion in 'Community Forum' started by wademup, Mar 22, 2010.

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    Mar 15, 2006
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    Easy there...two of the most pinko guys I hear on here are in EKY:rolleyes:
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    Mar 29, 2006
    Adair county, ky
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    Mar 24, 2004
    Well at the moment anyways....after Dallas, Chicago, Bryan (TX), Cuthbert (GA), LaGrange (GA), Chicago ver 2.0, and Fond du Lac (WI). If you care to look it up, Fond du Lac County is the birthplace of the Republican party, though Wisconsin also grows more than it's share of socialist stooges.

    I'm sure me and gramps could have a wonderful conversation regarding gub'mint, and we would be just as far apart when the conversation ended as before it began. But there's one thing me and gramps will agree on for sure....

    be honest now fellas.....

    .....it's that 10% tax on tanning beds thing that has most all ya'll in a dither, aint it?

    See me n gramps think it is downright sissified for grown men to go paying honest money to have their hair n nails done and then crawlin into a speedo or less to have their buddhas bronzed by something other than old fashioned work performed in the hot sun. If your tan aint the shape of a pair of overalls and work gloves, then you ought not be cryin about it costing you anything.
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    anybody that serves and receives benefit, earned that benefit. it isn't any different then any other benefit from any other job.

    people that think veterans are given stuff that they didn't earn needs a good dose of stfu.

    if you would like those same benefits that you consider free or handouts there are many local recruiters who would gladly fill out the necessary paperwork to allow you to receive the same.
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    Oct 30, 2004
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    yes social security and medicare are socialist programs. cant you see that they are going bankrupt?s.s started spending more than they take in 2 weeks ago.i have paid in to it since 1980 and i wont see a dime of it.my dad paid in his whole life and got 8 checks and died. so now some dead beat is claiming a bad back and using his money.
    will one of you liberals on this web site please list the government programs that work.
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    Mar 17, 2010
    Another point i was hoping to make and forgot in my earlier post. In the 1960s when medicaid was first enacted they thought in 1980 it would cost 10 billion dollars for the program. It actually cost 100 billion dollars in 1980. So to all the crazy liberals who keep saying this healthcare reform is going to save us money in the long term. I also want to know if you still believe in santa claus and the tooth fairy. Their is nothing but more taxes for the working man coming from this bill. YOU CAN BANK ON THAT!!!! If you think Obama is going to only tax the rich to pay for all this you have your head in the sand.
  7. WildmanWilson

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    Dec 26, 2004
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    “The problem with socialism is that you eventually,

    run out of other people’s money.”

    - Margaret Thatcher

    That pretty much sums it up. All the socialist programs are nothing other than a pyramid scheme. The people at the bottom will get left holding the worthless bag sooner or latter. No one wants to be the one holding the bag but it will happen and guess what....that will be most of us. The entitlement programs made life easier for many people but now the run is about over and we will be in for some really tough times. Unless the government learns how to stop the corruption and waste we are doomed as a nation.....and that's a fact.
  8. keith meador

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    Santa and the tooth fairy are a lot more believable these days....at least they still bring hope!
  9. WSM Man

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    Nov 30, 2008
    First off, wademup, tell you Grandpa Thank You for his service, my grandfather, who raised me, was also a WWII verteran. We all owe a great debt to this group of heros. Matter of fact, one of the reason I think this country is going down the tubes is because many veterans used to be in congress and the senate, but now are no longer running the country so we don't have as many of these wise men such as your Grandpa helping make decisions for our future...........but that another issue for another day

    Second off, Docknboatlift, if you want to have a debate with nearly anyone on this forum, I suggest you don't start it by questioning any of the small benefits a veteran gets in turn for the large sacrifices they made, that is simply unconscionable!!!

    Third, do you really want to make the arguement that the newly passed health care reform passed by Obama and the Dems is so great by comparing to how great social security and medicare is (work of the devil read as sarcasm in your post)??? Really, or are you just joking??

    Social Security, an extremely controversial act when proposed, and later labeled the "Roosevelt Recession" by some who claim it was one of the causes, if not the cause, of recession that followed it being signed into law. Oh, and let us not forget that this was part of what was known as "Roosevelt's New Deal", which the main part of, and various other parts, were thrown out by the Supreme Court as unconstitutional. To which Roosevelt tried to attempt to replace Supreme Court Justices, and when that didn't work he sent a special message to Congress proposing legislation granting the President new powers to add additional judges, all to get what he wanted done in, regardless of what the public wanted, and futher more regardless of whether or not it was constitutional. So do you really want to sing the praise of the new health care reform by comparing it to this? Really? Lets see, it contributed to an immediate recession, and is, as reffered to above by the very correct and intelligent WildmanWilson, a pyramid scheme that will destroy America on the path we are going now. Around 2020 it goes south, and somewhere around 2040, give or take a five year spread for both, it is digging a hole we won't be able to get out of. Lets see, the Dems said we are doing this whether you want it or not, and if we have to we will change the rules or manipulate them to get it through, sound familar??

    Now, on to medicare, another controversial social program pushed trough by Johnson and a Dem congress, as you happily point out, once again-against strong opposition. It has been laced with fraud, extremely ineffiecent, as you pointed out yourself, because it is part of the current "financial trainwreck" you so strongly state needs overhauled, but yet you want to use it as the 'good example', what was that about having it both ways? Medicare has already started going south, and will be digging a hole in about 6 years!!!! Current studies show we would have to set aside nearly 50 Trillion Dollars right now so that it's principle and interst would cover the short fall and make it viable through just 2050. It has been in need of reform nearly as soon as it was passed, and most all econmists uniformally state it is the second greateset long term finacial threat to the US economy, second only to, yep, you guessed it, social security!!!!

    So, just for clarity, these are what you want to use to show us how wrong we are about the health care reform act?????? Yeah, your right, these two abominations of inacted laws are doing great, and are set to destroy America in the too near future, so I'm just giddy about how great your health care reform will improve the USA's financial outlook!

    The GI Bill is a good thing, and the cost is negligible, and the VA is also, and should not even be mentioned in the same breath as the other two, with the most major difference being, the vast public majority was not against either of those bills. Understand?

    Docknboatlift, you state "I'm in the definite minority here.", and youv'e got that right, and that's the real problem, in that, it isn't just with this forum, it is with the entire United States. Polling, even the ones done by the liberal media outlets, all showed the vast majority of Americans are against this bill. The liberal media outlets usually showed about 60% against, with the conservative media outlets showing as high as 80%. Either way, America is against it, split it right down the middle and we have about 70% against!

    You sir, and the minority that is with you, should not have the "like it or not, you don't know what is needed so we will force this through and pass it whether America likes it or not". That attitude is why we are in such bad shape, the politicians do whatever they want, whatever the minorities or lobbyist wants, not what the people want. And you take up for this as a good thing?? Against the will of the people? Using some great examples of other against the will laws and how good they are to boot.

    You are correct, America can't have it both ways, The majority of America can't even have it the one way it wants it; so America has to settle with the way the minority wants it.......in todays America, under the current administration, majority does not rule, just as it did not under the previous administrations (controlled by Dem oddly enough?) you so kindly pointed out.
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  10. WSM Man

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    Nov 30, 2008
    Docknboatlift, just a little bonus note, this bill you and your minority was and is in favor and pushed through, has already had 13 suits brought agaisnt it as unconstitutional by various states AGs, with rumor there will be more to follow.

    Some states are standing up against this one, and that is great.

    Seems like this is familar???? Oh, yeah, this goes right along with the unconstitionionality of Roosevelt's New Plan, which involved social security. Seems you are right in that they are similar in some ways, like parts (maybe all in this case) being unconstitutional........
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    Feb 9, 2006
    Nothing has made me prouder as an Citizen of this great Country, than the States standing up and fighting this unconstitutional bill. Let the states that want try it. I also think that the Republicans will clean house in Nov and NOTHING will change. Then there will be riots in the streets. I hope I'm wrong.
  12. An old man told me that when he was younger he seen this great country stand up as one and change the way it operated.(cival rights movement) He also told me that he believed that if i lived my expected lifetime that i would see a day that everyone would stand up to big goverment and the why they tried to put a firm hold on what you do,belive in,say, and feel. At the time i was younger, and one, didn't really care and, two, thought he was just crazy. Twenty years later later I can't help to wonder what my children are going to be faced with when it is there time to decide how this country operate's.
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    Dec 17, 2007
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    Well for one thing men like these volunteered to walk headlong into Hell to defend our country and they deserve any help we can give them. After the War they built it into the best country the World has known. They even fought so that smarmy twerps can ask smart a$$ questions without fear of reprisals from our Government , at least for now. It's funny you mentioned these liberal programs that have been in financial trouble for years and have just been futher raped by the Obama Healthcare Manifesto. I'm sure that they can cut 500 billion from Medicare and not change anything. Even with the Baby Boomer Generation now drawing Social Security, this monstrocity is going to leach money from it ,too. So I'm sure that this bill is going to save money, oh....that's right...no bill in the History of this country has ever come in on budget and no Socialized Medical plan has ever done this either. I guess Obama is the "Harry Potter" of Presidents and can wave a wand to make it happen. Now go back to your Mom's basement and drink some more Koolaid.:rolleyes:
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    Jeff, I have probably had the pleasure of personally thanking your grandpa for his sacrifice for this country but in case I didn't, would you pass it along for me again. You know what he and his siblings mean to me and my family!

    I have asked the question that your grandpa answered many times---I wonder how all those who sacrificed so much defending our way of life feel about a bunch of communists and illegal alien bastages turning our country into EXACTLY what they fought against in Europe and the Pacific? It makes me sick enough to puke and send it to Washington.

    Dock is correct about some of the government programs being socialist programs. Teddy Roosevelt, Wilson, FDR, Johnson, Carter, Clinton and now the grand messiah--Maobama were all disciples of Marxx and his philosophies. They worked hard to convince the American public that JUST A LITTLE government help is not a bad thing. We have allowed their quest for power and total control creep up on us. Now that it is staring us in the face, how stupid do the folks like Ron Paul, and many before him, look now? They have been screaming , warning us of it coming and we ignored them as some kind of wackos. They all look like visionaries now!

    I say it is time for us to be willing to pay the ultimate sacrifice, if it comes to that, to stand up and fight for what our forefathers fought and died for.

    Are you willing? I damn sure am!!! I owe that to my kids and grandkids just like Jeff's grandpa probably felt the same way when his call to duty came.
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    Something else to remember, Social Security and Medicare were voted on and passed by members of both parties.

    This Obamacare was done behind closed locked doors between democrats, all the republicans were locked out. Usually the wheeling and dealing done in Congress to get votes to pass bills are done between parties. On Obamacare ALL the wheeking and dealing was done between democrat leaders and democrat members of Congress. They HAD TO MAKE DEALS WITH THEIR OWN PARTY JUST TO GET ENOUGH VOTES.

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