Windy youth weekend


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Jan 13, 2019
Owen co.
It's like hunting in the rain. If they want to strut they will strut. You just have to be determined to do it. I have worked them in fields where it was almost comical. Wind would blow so hard they would almost flip over when they fanned out. It's bad if you want to use a blind. I've set up against the biggest and put my back to the blind to try to hold it down.

Like Meat stick sayes you can't kill em sitting at home.


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Sep 9, 2018
Barren county
I like turkey hunting in the wind a whole lot more than I like not turkey hunting, tho
I killed a bird few years ago in high winds. I mean I was damn near second guessing the hunt. I had my eyes on tree tops. I never made a call, just stood up by a tree and waited for them to come to roost like they did the day before. It was Easter Sunday evening. Worked though. Shot him at 35 yards before they was gettin ready to fly up.


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Oct 18, 2013
Owen County
I'm taking my daughter out for her first turkey hunt this weekend. The wind will make it harder but she is excited to go.
How old is she? I asked my 7-year old this morning if she wanted to go. I expected her to say no because she flip flops a lot on hunting or shooting anything. Her eyes lit up and said yes I wanna go. It got my mind thinking but there's not enough time to get her a .410 or something similar and practice. I think she's probably a year or two away anyways but it got me thinking.


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Nov 20, 2009
Clay County
I'll have my 10 yr old out. He's itching. Been watching 2 everyday for about a month now. Problem is they have 20-25 hens with them at all times of the day. Plan is to set up extremely close to the roost and catch em at fly down. If we can get in without bumping them, I think k we will be alright.

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