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Apr 7, 2015
I replaced a Halogen Spotlight with a Ring Spotlight Camera system for the Corner of the house facing the driveway, it is wired electrically so no battery to worry bout. It show anyone that comes up the driveway, Front of the garage, and the man door to the garage. Ring doorbell on the back door (one we always use). So I can see anyone that comes to the back door or back yard as well. Like em so far.


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Jul 17, 2015
I have about 7 WiFi cameras on a Zmodo NVR system that has been excellent if you you have good dependable WiFi.


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Dec 11, 2007
Bullitt County
July 3rd 2021 this guy tried to break in my house. My Ring camera alerted me before he tried to pry open my back door. Mt Washington PD arrived in 3 minutes. 9 months later the great legal system in Bullitt County gave him a slap on the wrist with no jail time.

RING Photos....



Reolink 8 Cam system with 1 TB DVR wired photos...




BLINK wifi Cams.... I have a few that are still on original AA battery


Four years ago someone tried to get into my Front door while my daughter was home alone. My first purchase was two Ring Doorbells for the front and back door. I looked into wired cams for my backyard, but found BLINK and decided to go with Wifi. Trouble was I got all kinds of alerts and so I would turn them off except at night. Cool feature with BLINK you can watch them on your phone. Downside when you are watching LIVE Feeds it doesn't record. I found a guy locally who put in wired systems and he talked me into the Reolink system. It records really good video, has a great app and also records sound. Last year when guy tried to break in I found about 20 min of footage that Ring and BLINK missed. Everyone should have a doorbell camera at minimum they are so useful. I tried Zmodo's at my last house and they were always giving me errors. Reolink replaced one of my cameras for going off-line all the time, but other than that it has worked well.

Good Luck...

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