Why I'm not a republican…


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Oct 28, 2003
harrodsburg, ky, USA.
Corruption is running wild in Washington. There’s a HUGE difference in the two parties though. Just look at the policies the democrats push and their attitude towards individual freedom. The wokeness and division is crazy. Their green energy push alone is enough to kill this country. They are doing it by force. They are Marxist and immoral zealots. If they aren’t held in check we will be doomed. That’s a simple fact.

Until we create term limits, the corruption will never end.
But who is going to vote that in?
The very people that it will put out of a job have to. Reckon that will ever happen ?

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Oct 30, 2004
bullitt county
Voting Rebublican is only slowing down the inevitable...the left control the schools, the media, and now the large corporations. Greed and the entitlement mentality they promote to stay in power is destroying this country. Trump was successful at slowing it down with his policies and judicial appointments, reason why they hate him do much. Imagine if instead we had a liberal SCOTUS majority as what would have happened if Trump wasn't elected....our second amendment would already be gone.
No the Cival war would be already over.


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Nov 17, 2007
Pendleton and Campbell County Ky
Im not so sure we shouldn’t supply Ukrain more, let them fight the Ruskies and not us
Why cant the EU handle it? Answer: Why would they when they know American defense oligarchs and politicians will gladly profit from taxpayer money with little to no resistance, because 🇺🇦American Voters🇺🇦 are largely stupid.
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