Why does this have to happen now!?

adam tyler

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Nov 18, 2010
Cumberland Co.
Been watching 5 bucks all summer, two big shooters and three 2.5-3 year olds, haven't got a picture of any of them in the past two weeks! 3 cameras up around the bean field and no pics! I hope its us the hot weather that has them laid up. Just one more week!!!!

Low Bird

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Apr 4, 2005
ol man kelsey's crick
B hicks hit the nail on the head. Heard acorns hitting the ground on my last camera check. Its gonna get tough in my neck of the woods because every tree is loaded and dropping.


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Jun 3, 2012
Acorns, acorns, and acorns.

My neck of the woods has plenty of acorns but for some reason bucks are still hitting the clover wide open..


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Jul 28, 2014
Aparently all the deer on my place didn't get the acorn memo. Tons of acorns but my 1.5 acres of soybeans are all but destroyed. I just reseeded a large part of it with wheat because the damage was so bad.


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Apr 9, 2010
Southeastern KY
Acorns......and if there not any on the trees around you they'll prob be heading to the nearest place with em. I know SE ky is loaded with em this yr
Good luck


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Aug 4, 2014
SouthCentral KY
Yep same thing has happened to me in the last 10 days - Thank goodness Football season is here. With this acorn crop I'm pretty much writing this season off as a lost cause. I'll try a few times early on my farm country spot and then just wait for the pre-rut. In 2 more weeks there will be 2 tons/acre of acorns on the ground in my areas from what I have seen. It'll be like looking for a needle in a haystack. This season belongs to the guys that can hunt the acorns and that ain't me. I have too much other stuff to do to go on a wild goose chase trying to wind up in the right tree when the bucks can walk any direction at any time and within 50 yards find a bunch of acorns on the ground. Acorns are a scourge for a bowhunter that has very little time to scout and hunt. I hate them with every fiber of my being. Oh well... time to put on a happy face and just kill a few does for meat and enjoy being out there when I get the chance.

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