Who's still holding a buck ticket?


12 pointer
Dec 1, 2006
Kornfield County,KY
Yep,still got all my tags. I passed on several different bucks,only
two that I aimed at. A tall tined 7 pt and a big wide racked
brute with a busted up rack. He was a wall hanger of a buck....
I was after two different big 8pts,didnt see them....
So far, I have killed one deer in the last five years...by choice
It was a strange season for me,maybe my last with a gun...
I just might go to camera only.


12 pointer
Jul 14, 2014
I didn't hunt Deer this year, but saw several nice 8 - 10 pointers cross my back field. This along with several Doe and spikes and 4-point Bucks.


12 pointer
Jul 3, 2015
Battle Run
Still got mine. Like I posted before. I killed a nice one last year. So I eat 2 tags and then "I gots ta choot sumpin"!
Now its only for the grip & grin, cause I shoot the easy load doe's. So 2 more years to go.


6 pointer
Sep 13, 2009
Still have mine plus my doe tag. Just started on nights and just started mandatory 6 days at work which doesn’t help my chances

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