Who's going out in the morning?


12 pointer
Aug 23, 2011
I could only make myself stay in tree until 8:00. Wind was outrageous. I heard two shots. I think they were in Tennessee. No squirrels, no signs of life. I was literally hanging on. Saw a couple good sized limbs fall and bailed. Congrats on a great buck Carnivore.

Brown Dogs Matter

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Jun 7, 2004
Louisville, KY.
My son and I are waiting til morning. I'm hoping most of the deer are laid up waiting out the storm. Tomorrow will be good and cold, and I hope they'll be moving. My son still needs to get on the board, and I have a doe tag to fill.


12 pointer
Sep 7, 2009
hick town,ky
Boy it sure didn't seem like a good day to go,but people have been harvesting some nice ones today...who ever said deer don't move in the wind and rain...lol...guess the ruts got em going???

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