Who's going out in the morning?


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Sep 7, 2009
hick town,ky
im talking morning until maybe 10, seems windy later on,but they could be moving early right at day break,who knows...anyone going out??


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Aug 23, 2011
I'll be out there. Gonna be windy, but rain supposed to hold off for the most part until noonish. Good luck.


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Sep 7, 2009
hick town,ky
One thing is for sure,you can't kill em not being there,and yes that's were they live,but I have seen better days hunting but you never know...goodluck....also have seen them move quite a bit right before the rain and wind pick up alsos,and sometimes they like to check things out before it gets to windy also,so tomorrow might not be to bad in the morning...who knows..goodluck to all that going.


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Jun 12, 2005
" Between the Rivers "
I’ve hunted hard the last two days and all the deer I’ve seen you could count on one hand. Did come close to dropping the hammer on one yesterday ... till the buck turned at an angle that I could see half his rack was missing. So.. I let him slip on through.

Which not making excuses... but this has been a highly unusual gun season on our place so far. We’ve killed one above-decent 9 point on opening day but overall just not seeing doe numbers as normal. Most all our sightings have been small bucks cruising.... no chasing what -so-ever.

The woods are tore up with rubs but I’ve yet to see active scrapes. Everyone I’ve found appears to not have been tended since before the gun opener.

I’m hoping we’re in a lockdown phase concerning our bigger bucks and does in general.

So.... I’m taking a break this weekend. I’m off work 3 days next week and may hit it again on Wednesday. Hoping things pick up a little.

Good luck to all hunting this weekend.


Dec 2, 2016
Auburn ky
I will be out for a little while in the morning. Gonna be a windy one. If ya aint out there you ain't gonna see em'. Sunday morning should be much better though


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Dec 1, 2006
Kornfield County,KY
Tree alert !!!! Guys watch and be careful of all the old dead Ash trees today.The winds are stout and trees and limbs could fall
and not be heard because of wind noise. Good Luck and Be Safe


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Jul 7, 2012
It’s howling here. I’m out. I’m not seeing much action in prime conditions I sure ain’t wasting my time this morning. Good luck to all that are braving this wind. My dad and buddy are at the farm in metcalfe. I’m gonna lock down with momma here awhile

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