Whos braving this weather


Feb 25, 2003
evansville, ind
whoever is sittin in a stand these next couple days deserves a biggun,thats some cold wind and rain goin on out there

I was off today, hoping to go. However, an stout east wind with rain was an easy one. I didnt go! Had it been a lite, no wind rain, i woulda been real tempted!


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Feb 24, 2008
This is good weather to get sick in...thats for sure. They should be moving real good smoke pole weekend with this front moving through then clearing out. Up here in NKY it is suppose to dip down to freezing and flurries saturday morning.:)


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Oct 7, 2009
West KY/TN border
Im going this afternoon. This is typical weather where im from back in Indiana. Thats why I moved here and all be danged, It followed me!!:eek: oh well, gotta luv it during deer season!!! And I think this wknd will be some of the best buck movement we've had all year!! Cant wait and GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE!!!
Sep 14, 2009

Cant kill em sittin home on the couch or in the bed. Hunted yesterday afternoon here in western ky and saw quite a bit of deer activity in spite of the rain. Thats why they sell gloves and rain gear. Be back at it again here shortly.


Oct 14, 2009

You better believe I am gonna be in the woods as soon as possible! The weather is getting perfect for that big buck to be up on his feet! Getting me excited


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Feb 7, 2007
Barren co.
I've hunted the past two afternoons but only seen a groundhog and lots of squirrels, would be back today but scheduled to work OT tonight so sitting here thinking about next weeks plan -- where I'm hunting the bucks have went nocturnal ever since they lost their velvet and the pics are still showing that but I'm hoping one will stir a little early so I keep going in hopes of havong the chance with a bow -- I would probably take a doe out if given the chance but so far it's been goose eggs and I'm hunting three different stand locations and not the same one twice -- I don't have any corn out only buck jam but they have been hitting that fairly good only not while I'm around -- and yes I'm taking the scent precautions before each set up just jinxed for some reason -- 6 tree stand hunts with no deer sightings


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Apr 7, 2005
Murray, KY
Since I've been off for fall break, I've hunted every day and not seen much. I was in a tree from 10:00am to 5:00pm yesterday and only saw squirrels and one turkey. I should have stayed put but that was a long time for me. It was a nice day to be out, drizzly and cold. The hen busted me when she snuck in from behind. I'm getting a tad frustrated at the lack of seeing any deer, but I'll be out again this afternoon. I'm going in at 1:00 and staying until dark.
I have always said, the deer dont come in when the weather gets bad, so why should we. Get out there and hunt. The deer bed down on the leeward side of a hill when it's windy and that's where I try to still hunt, if I don't get a shot, I at least see some deer. They hunker down, but they are still there.


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Jul 9, 2008
Berea, KY
I am heading to the Depot Saturday morning with me nephew. I told my sister she had better send plenty of warm clothes with him.

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