Who is going to Twin Oaks?

Jan 23, 2022
Had a blast guys, wish we could have got together. Me and bub didn’t arrive til after 12 on Saturday. Had to hurry up and shoot the course to get the card in. Ended up placing 3rd in longbow. Hope to see everyone soon
Jan 23, 2022
Thank you. Stayed with my aunt in Columbia over the weekend. Cousin picked us up Saturday to save some gas. Of course we would have car troubles, started the course about 12:30. handed the card in with about 20 mins left. I was about to stroke out.


10 pointer
Feb 14, 2003
Sounds like a blast! But Revival season is in full swing.
Dustin was there unless there as a different shoot he went to. He did us Ky boys proud. Hopefully he will get on here and give some details.
I understand. Priorities are important. The wife and I are going to Arizona which will conflict with Cloverdale this year. Man!.....I've missed Tradfest and now Cloverdale!


6 pointer
Dec 1, 2004
Paris Ky
I shot with a group of guys today that were so ornery a like green maple tree 2 feet in diameter and 60 ft tall snapped off 10ft above ground and tried to crush them. Im amazed i was not struck by lightning, or a plumetting airline jet. Someone trying to tell us something? 🤷🏼‍♂️
Yes Randy, it was a sight to see a large maple tree falling in slow motion toward me and Tarzan while pulling arrows. I suspect the real reason Randy did not get to witness sucj an event up close and personal was because he's too ornery to pull arrows.

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