who is going north/ are there birds this yr


Jul 6, 2012
Just wondering who is going north and if anyone has heard any positives about bird #s.... I know they are down.


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Jan 15, 2009
mt sterling ky
Lord willing I plan to be in Wisconsin about Oct 21st. If things go well back again about Nov 11th. Don't know about the numbers but they will be better than here..lol.. Mostly interested in young dogs getting bird work and will be nice if I get a few shots.

KY Grouse Hunter

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Nov 2, 2007
Southeastern Kentucky
I'll be "up north" like every year. Bird numbers will not be stellar but better than here. Wolves are terrorizing entire villages of women and children. The usual story, year... after year... after year. All in good fun however. I hope.


Jul 11, 2011
Leaving next friday for the U.P.Got some wild young dogs so we'll have the grouse flight conditioned for you guys heading up later.Even if they do happen to point one it still has a 95 percent chance of getting away.


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Dec 9, 2001
Phillips, WI / Grayson, KY
Our plan is to be in Phillips, WI from October 11th through November 2nd. When I was up there over the 4th of July, I left a now 15 month old female with may partner to start working as soon as season comes in this Saturday (she has never been exposed to anything but wild birds and this should give her 7 solid weeks of work on more wild birds), so hopefully I should have some current updates starting next week.


Mar 13, 2008
morehead, ky
Trapshooter, absolutely I know of a few good cuts around Morehead we could try. I bumped birds out of them during spring turkey season so hopefully they are still there come November.

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