Wheres the 3-d shoots ?


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Feb 14, 2003
About a week ago I learned that there was a 3D course in the Paintsville area. From what I was advised, it was a good course. As my luck goes, I called the place and they just went out of business due to lack of interest. I talked to the guy that ran the facility a long time and it was a sad story. It sounded like they tried everything they could think of to keep it alive and the community there just wouldn't support it. I wish I had learned of it much sooner. We could have easily taken a crew over there occasionally to help and enjoy the shoot.


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Jun 14, 2009
lawrenceburg, ky
We will be putting on a shoot for Camp Calvary in Willisburg this August. It's a fundraiser shoot. It will be either the 6th, or 13th. Once it's set according to camp schedules. I'll get back on here and post the specifics.

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