Where are they shooting these deer?


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Oct 24, 2004
vine grove ,kentucky
I'll have to add my .02 cents worth here.The buck i shot last yr i shot in the neck at 30 yds it ran about 20 yds and piled up. I shot him with a 30-30 170 grain winchester load.


Jan 20, 2002
central ky
theres a chance the deer will run off no matter where you "try" to hit it. Neck shots dont always work,and I've seen deer run 100+ yds with no heart. Just make the best possible shot you can


Sep 13, 2004
Frankfort, KY, USA.
Was out hunting last year and had a doe walk behind me with half her jaw blown off. I could not turn around quick enough to get a shot but she went straight to the other person who was hunting here and he put here out of her missery. I always aim for the lungs the neck on a big buck is big and the bullet could pass through just the meat not hitting the windpipe or spine.


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Jan 2, 2004
Bowling Green, KY, USA.
I still can't believe people shoot at a deers neck! Why on earth would you take that shot when there are no vital organs in the neck? You're aiming at the spine, arteries and windpipe! All of which are small when compared to lungs, heart and liver. Hell the heart is bigger than everything in the neck!


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Dec 10, 2001
Vine Grove, Ky, USA.
skin_dog1 said:
I still can't believe people shoot at a deers neck! Why on earth would you take that shot when there are no vital organs in the neck? You're aiming at the spine, arteries and windpipe! All of which are small when compared to lungs, heart and liver. Hell the heart is bigger than everything in the neck!

I've only killed one deer in my career with a neck shot. It was with archery, and I had my reason for doing so. It's by far my best archery buck and would take that shot again if I needed too, although I would recommend it nor would I do it if I had other options. Depends totally on the situation at hand. Even though it's amarginal shot at best, at one time it was on every shot placement chart you could find. So was a butt shot, even though most wouldn't take that shot either. Both will cleanly take down a deer in short order. The neck shot I made on that buck left a blood trail a blind man could follow. He ran a ways, and bled out quickly. When I made that shot, which was several years ago, I was a decent shot with archery and could hit any spot I wanted, especially at very close range, such as 8' from the tree I was in. That shot severed the aorta, and the windpipe. It did not break the spine, so I was off just a tad. Some times, you have to resort to plan B while your out there.


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Jul 9, 2003
Russell Springs, KY, USA.
I was watching North American Whitetail last night. They dropped when in its tracks with a bow. It was a broad side shot, and they later said the arrow hit right where the spine and shoulder meet. Thats all fine and dandy, but I didn't know the spine and shoulder really meet anywhere? Did anyone else see this?

trust me

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Nov 27, 2004
Jerkwater, KY
I didn't see it (I don't watchem) but I know what they're talking about. A high shoulder shot will pass under the spine and shock the nervous system. Deer hit like that drop hind end first, just like the spine was severed. Then the front goes down, and the head may stay up a few seconds before shock or blood loss puts it down. I've seen several hit like that, some on purpose, some not. The TV guys probably do that so they can sell some magnum rifles for Remington or somebody.


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May 11, 2005
Lex, KY
Thats fine skindog u don't have to believe it. Me, my father and uncle have killed atleast 100 deer between us over the past 20 years with 75% of them by neck shots. Every once in a while u might hit low on the neck and the deer might travel a little ways , but most of the time it drops in its tracks. As far as being no vitals in the neck . The main artery that goes to the heart, lung and brain is in the neck, thats why this is such a deadly shot. Also the air supply is immediately cut-off. If they can't breathe they can't walk, let alone run. This may be odd to you but we have never lost a deer when shooting it and hitting in the neck. You just have to be alot better shot then a heart/lung shooter!! Trust me if u hit a deer in the base of the neck just above the shoulder ( say between the shoulder blade and where the neck starts to get alot smaller) you will always find the deer 90% of the time right where you shot him.


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May 11, 2005
Lex, KY
The base of the neck is the size of a basketball on mature bucks and atleast the size of a soccer ball on does and small bucks. No heart I have ever seen is that big!


Jan 4, 2002
Bowling Green, KY.
I always go for the heart and lungs and I have shot them with every thing from a shotgun slug,50cal ml and center fire rifles from a 243 to a 300 mag. and most of them run with no mater what you shoot them with from 40 to 120 yards.I will go for a high shoulder shot it is raining and I think I might not be able to track him or if I think he might run to where I dont have permisson to hunt.


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Nov 24, 2004
Its like anything else I have shot deer just about anyway or angle you can think of and have only lost one.The reason I lost it it was simply because I made a bad shot over the lungs below the spine I misjudged the distance and hit it higher than I wanted too. I will only recommend a broad side or quatering away shot. But in the heat of the moment I have taken less than perfect shots. I would safely bet almost everyone on here if they were honest about it would say they have taken shots at bad angles or thru cover. If not then I applaud your ability to stay calm and wait for the perfect shot.

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Dec 15, 2001
boone co. KY.
I always go for the point of the shoulder with a rifle shot. If you can find a picture of a deers skeleton, you will find that the spine drops in between the two shoulder blades. If a deer is broadside and you have a good bullet you can either take out both shoulders and or the spine. A bullet kills by shock the bigger the bullet the bigger the shock. I have never saw a deer run off with both of his shoulders broke they usually go down and dont try to get up.

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