When are you taking off to hunt?

Little FR

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Nov 10, 2021
West Kentucky
You poor guy....I only work 4. LOL
I can get it down a bit more without doing any overtime but they’ll just be calling me over and over. I usually cash in all my vacation days at end of the year for Christmas $ but this year… we’re fine. The kids don’t need more junk and daddy needs some time with just God, me and the deer or just God and me. Either way.


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Some might think that I'm studying the weather maps and reading wooly worms to determine which days I'm going to hunt.

The truth is that I'll probably arrive at deer camp on the previous Thursday. As Patriarch of camp, I like having as much time as possible to settle in. The Shamanic Dream Team will begin arriving Friday PM. Angus, Moose and Mooselette will have to return to town Sunday afternoon. SuperCore and I will remain throughout the week. The Moose and Angus will be back the next Friday and hunt through the weekend.

The only thing that will get me out of camp will be Thanksgiving. Depending on how things are, I will either be back at camp Thursday night or Friday morning.

I'm officially retired. At this point, the only thing stopping me is the capacity of my freezer. My one question before signing up for Chemo this spring was "Will I be able to hunt in November?" At this point, my biggest remaining problems are my stamina and the peripheral neuropathy that the bug juice gave me. I can't feel my feet, and it makes walking in the woods rather dicey. That's okay. I have a half mile of abandoned road leading to the back of the property and a spur runs right to my best stand. I've got 3 other stands and blinds along the same route. I drop better than 80% out in the middle of the pasture where you can drive right up with the truck. As long as my luck holds out, I'll be cool.

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