Whats yall's thoughts on this deer?

He will without a doubt get a death sentence if given the chance but wondering what yall think about his age.I think he may only be 2.5, possibly 3.5. He's the best I have on cam. PRMS3199.jpg PRMS3217.jpg PRMS3218.jpg PRMS3234.jpg
What's that they are eating on?

Well, there is an apple block there I purchased from rural king but the deer won't eAt it. The coons have even stopped scratching at it. I can't help but wonder why but they want no part of it. In all that tall stuff, I have thinly spread yellow gold. I honestly just had 4,572 pics in 6 days. But only one occasion where he showed himself during daylight. I have ten acres of woods that I never step foot in and allow the deer to bed there. While 25 acres is not enough to manage a group, I can offer a safe place for a group to bed. They travel thru me GOUNG to feeding and bedding.