Whats the reason for House Bill 60?

Discussion in 'Varmint Hunting' started by Davidlondon4, Jan 13, 2013.

  1. thekentuckykid21

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    Nov 19, 2012
    Hardin County
    I also read where it said no artificial light. How are you supposed to hunt if you cant see them at night?
  2. GSP

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    Dec 12, 2001
    You are correct. I did not read correctly.

    HB 60 (BR 285) - F. Steele, S. Santoro
    AN ACT relating to hunting coyotes.
    Create a new section of KRS Chapter 150 to allow hunters to take coyotes without bag limitation year round; allow hunters to hunt coyotes at night using shotguns that are 10-guage or smaller and bait or electronic calls to attract the coyotes.

    (Prefiled by the sponsor(s).)

    Jan 8-introduced in House; to Natural Resources & Environment (H)
    Jan 11-posted in committee
  3. GSP

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    Dec 12, 2001
    As for hunting them at night with no light? Full moon nights
  4. cityslicker

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    Jan 11, 2010
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    If you can't use a light then it's pointless to me. The ones on here who are against it talk about being able to positively ID your target. How in the heck am I going to do that without a light? Also it's bad enough that people get shot by mistaken identity in the DAYTIME, but hunting at night without a light is safe? Lol

    Maybe you could get one of those hog feeder lights and hang it over a carcass and sit and wait....
  5. Greenwilly

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    Feb 17, 2006
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  6. Jimmie in Ky

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    If that is the wording I am all for it. We had that at one time and it was very useful, although limiting. You would be limited to hunting five nights a month , but that is better than no nights at all!

    It is totally diferent from hunting during daylight hours. But you can work your way in and get the job done. You can tell a german shepeard from a coyote under those rules easy enough since you have to get them close anyway. A bonus to this legislation is the e-callers. Before they were not allowed at night. Jimmie
  7. KYBOB

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    Dec 26, 2009
    Barren Co.
    I could live with that if it passes
  8. I assume its the distance that a bullet from a rimfire can travel when unobstructed compared to a shotgun patterns distance. Most likely a safety issue
  9. Jimmie in Ky

    Jimmie in Ky 12 pointer

    That's partly it. Before we could use anything we could see the sights of, no limitations. I am quite sure that had some folks bothered a good deal. And even though rules stated no projected lights of any kind, they were using all sorts of sighting systems and lights in the field at night. This led to a lot of poachers claiming they were coyote hunting when caught with spot lights.

    We had to have a law that leaves no doubt as to what folks are up to in the field. This helps to cover a legal hunters fanny as well as condemn the poacher.

    I also beleive this will be coyote only regs as it was before. Jimmie
  10. Bobcatt

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    Dec 24, 2009
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    it needs to stay NO ARTIFICIAL LIGHT at night period. The game wardens job is hard enough without this change
  11. Feedman

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    May 28, 2003
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    Will you be able to use slugs???
  12. pentail

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    Sep 25, 2002
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    hearing rumors that there might be lights allowed in certain months of the year now. Maybe a late winter/early spring kind of deal. Should know all the details after the Friday committee meeting
  13. FranciscoJ

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    Feb 19, 2010
    What if you set fire to the forest? A bit extreme, but it's not "artificial"...lol
  14. GrouseAssasin

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    Aug 1, 2009
    Jackson, ky
    This thought just came to me, with more honest hunters in the field after dark, that would be more sets of eyes and more cell phones to spot and report deer poachers....might actually help the game wardens out. I think not allowing lights is just asking for something to go wrong.
  15. kycountryboy

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    Dec 30, 2008
    When are they voting on the bill

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