What was your first gun you ever purchased?


6 pointer
Jan 13, 2019
Owen co.
Remington 788 in 243 win. Bought it for $100 when I was 15. Combination of grass cutting money and paycheck for first job working in a full service gas station 1980. Still have it today. It's killed about 2,000 groundhogs and probably 1,000 crows.
Aug 31, 2021
Livingston, Ky.
In 1967 just before i joined the Army in June i bought a Rem. 760 pump in a .35 cal for Tick Toter hunting. I paid $95 for it new. I got leave in Nov. came home n bought a Marlin 336 in a 30-30 for$72 in Millers for it new


Nov 9, 2005
Newburgh, IN
Savage .243. I've moved up to a .270 since then. I've shot 30/30, 30.06, .243, 10 gauge slug, 357 mag, black powder, compound bow, recurve, and crossbow. It seems like I only have really good luck with a .270


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Feb 3, 2008
Nelson County
I’ll play. Ruger M77 in .220 Swift. Back when we actually had a good population of groundhogs to shoot. Today it makes a fine coyote round.



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Sep 29, 2015
The Berg
Mossberg 835, the old one, rattling forearm and all. Got it to shoot the old black, ass-kicking Winchester Supreme 3.5" out of the Hastings .675. It killed on both ends. In its time, it was king and I kilt a bunch gobblers with that set-up. It was Mossy-Oak Treestand camo and I'd love to have another one just like it if anyone has one to part with, just sayin......

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