What Stage Hunter are you ?

Discussion in 'General Hunting' started by Duster, Aug 11, 2019.

  1. Duster

    Duster 12 pointer

    1. Shooter Stage

    Hunters at this stage simply want to do a lot of shooting, be it doves, ducks, squirrels, rabbits or even deer (in which case shooting opportunities are acceptable too). They want to test their shooting abilities, as well as that of their rifle or shotgun. These hunters are beginners and are often young as well.

    2. Limiting-Out Stage

    Eventually, simply burning through a lot of ammunition is no longer sufficient. Hunters at this stage still gain a lot of satisfaction from shooting, but now the number of birds or animals bagged becomes important too, and limiting-out, or filling a tag, is the gold standard.

    3. Trophy Stage

    Eventually the weight of the game bag becomes less important and the emphasis shifts from quantity to quality. Hunters at this stage gain satisfaction from being selective in taking game, such as a duck hunter who shoots only greenheads, a turkey hunter who only shoots long beards, or a deer hunter who takes only mature bucks. These hunters often travel long distances to hunt trophy animals.

    4. Method Stage

    For this hunter, taking game is still important, but more important is how that game is taken. True satisfaction comes from the method used to take game, with particular emphasis on more challenging methods such as archery or muzzleloading. This hunter will spend a lot of time scouting and using trail cameras, studying their quarry and practicing hunting skills such as calling and, in the case of a deer hunter, may even choose to target one specific animal.

    5. Sportsman Stage

    After many years in the field, the hunter begins to place the emphasis on the total hunting experience. Being in the outdoors, enjoying the company of friends and family, and seeing nature in all its beauty, now outweigh the need for taking game. These hunters often turn to mentoring other younger hunters for ultimate satisfaction.

    Be honest now, no bashing of anyone in any stage.
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  2. beauhunter41031

    beauhunter41031 10 pointer

    Jan 1, 2018
    Cynthiana, Ky
    I’m not a old man. (No offense) but I place myself in the Sportsmen stage when I comes to deer hunting.

    As for dove hunting, I’m all about the limiting out stage!!!
  3. Bill Nagle

    Bill Nagle Fawn

    Jun 25, 2019
    Menifee County, KY
    I'm gonna have to say I'm in the sportsmen stage, putting meat in the cooler is nice, I enjoy the time with family ( most of tgem,) more
  4. 1wildcatfan

    1wildcatfan 12 pointer

    Jan 2, 2009
    raised n Bullitt Co.
    Fill the freezer up stage.
  5. bgkyarcher

    bgkyarcher 12 pointer

    Aug 23, 2011
    I don’t really fall in any of them.
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    JR PORTER 8 pointer

    May 1, 2014
  7. bgkyarcher

    bgkyarcher 12 pointer

    Aug 23, 2011
    That’s probably what I should have said.
  8. KY Swamp Beagler

    KY Swamp Beagler 12 pointer

    Feb 20, 2011
    the swamps of western KY
    This year for deer I’m at the little lady wants 4 deer in the freezer stage. She doesn’t understand stage 5 when meat is walking in front of you. And she certainly doesn’t understand me telling her how many I saw and telling her I brought nothing home for the table.

    I’ve been at every stage at one time or another over my hunting “career.” I think going through the stages is part of hunting. I suppose a body earns every stage if it’s a major part of your life.
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  9. mac0492

    mac0492 8 pointer

    Oct 15, 2013
    I’m a method stage hunter who first needs to fill freezer by limiting out, but will convert to a shooter stage if not connecting by gun season. After I get food in freezer I convert to trophy / sportsman hybrid...
  10. Cornpile

    Cornpile 12 pointer

    Dec 1, 2006
    Kornfield County,KY
    Im a combination of 3 and 5. I dont shoot doe,havent for years.
    I basically trophy hunt and just enjoy nature.I been doing it this
    way for many years.
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  11. Capttrae

    Capttrae 12 pointer

    Apr 2, 2012
    Deer I’m at stage 5. Those flying quaking and honking demons I’m at stage 2. Want to kill every one of them
  12. DH13

    DH13 12 pointer

    Jan 13, 2012
    Shelby county
    Same h
    Same here. 2 and 5. Flat feet I try and kill as many as I can.
  13. theprofessor

    theprofessor 6 pointer

    Oct 14, 2013
    It’s like it’s been said of fishing:
    1. I just wanna catch a fish
    2. I wanna catch a lot of fish
    3. I wanna catch a big fish
    4. I wanna catch the kind of fish I wanna catch, the way I wanna catch it.

    This year, I wanna get one deer each with vertical bow, crossbow, rifle, muzzleloader, and shot gun; I wanna get one in urban season, one on a crop damage permit, and multiple across gun, ML, and archery; I wanna get enough to eat 8 oz of venison every day; I wanna coach at least one young hunter; and optimally, I wanna do that in my own county as much as possible.

    That makes me a stage ㊙️-wanna, I guess.
  14. Giveem3outdoors

    Giveem3outdoors 12 pointer

    Jan 18, 2009
    ohio county ky
    As I'm hunting I think to myself what would duster do and go with that method. I call it the duster stage.
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  15. Genesis 27:3

    Genesis 27:3 10 pointer

    Oct 13, 2018
    Christain county
    3 and 5...yeah that's it

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