what is Trump really up to?

Discussion in 'Community Forum' started by cedar creek, Dec 22, 2015.

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    Very good post. Here is what I see as the difference between the GOP and the Democrats on the union issue.....the GOP believes in the right to work, which the unions absolutely hate. and the Democrats think that every worker in this country should be unionized. If someone wants union representation, fine, go for it, but if they don't, then let them have it their way. I am very much a "states righter", and believe that certain things should be left up to the individual states. If a state's residents support a right to work law, so be it, and if you don't like it, move. I don't really view the GOP as being anti-union, but I do think the Democrats are too pro-union, and get by with lying about the GOP to the unions and their members.
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    I just saw where Trump is going to start airing commercials. The plan was to start airing them last quarter, but he didn't need to with all the free publicity he was getting.
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    trump was a very big liberal and he has gave hundreds of thousands to the cause including clinton .. It blows my mind why a anti gun news station is now pro gun and such a big fan of his , Of course I know it has to do with ratings but I can't help but think there is some thing more going on here . He is saying every thing we want to hear and that is what a salesman does .. I really think he is trying to pull the republican vote so Clinton can win .. As for Cruz he is a Cuban American Jew , his father was is Cuban Jew and he was wanting to grant all illegals in this country citizen ship and open the door for the world to enter .
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    Say whaaaaat? Where did you come up with that? He was raised southern baptist. He is a Cuban/ Italian/ Irish mut. Not that any of it matters. I'd appreciate some more info as to your immigration claim as well.
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    I thought from the get-go he is an agent-provocateur. A friend of the Clintons from way back. A member of the 1 percent.The coming out list of GOP candidates have some good people that originality said what Trump gets the media attention for now, tho in a less abrasive way.Why I think,after a rumored call form a Clinton suggesting he enter race-he did.First to detract attention, second to drop out after convention and run as an independent like Ross and draw critical votes so the evil wench stands a better chance. Then,there is the chance he's genuine.The call is yours.In any case whomever ends up as the GOP ticket is who I will pull for over, for the opposite to win means the end of freedoms we know and love.
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    It appears to me that the R's are a victim of this monster that they created and now they can't control, much like the old story of Frankenstein.

    The R platform has always been about the top 1%, but they had to have enough suckers to vote against their own best interests to win elections. They found what they needed in low information haters and the uber religious (who were already conditioned to write checks for someone to tell them what to believe and fear) and the 1 percenters played to their hatred and fears through right wing hate and fear media for years to win elections and then did nothing, but give lip service to those groups.

    Now, it only stands to reason that eventually a candidate would rise up to manipulate that hate and fear into an actual platform, and the suckers cheered and ate it up. Doesn't matter that this candidate has no clue how to actually govern ... he just has to appeal to the low information types by playing on their hatred and fears, because this group doesn't have the ability to look into the future to see what an actual Trump presidency would really look like. They only view issues on the surface in the most simplistic terms of the here and now ... while the 1 precenters are left spinning in a "WTF have we created" moment.

    Hence, the 1% conundrum ... they can't win without the sucker vote, and someone else beat them to the suckers and claimed them for himself. Do they show themselves and admit to how they've manipulated the suckers for years to keep the Trump monster from being elected? Do they help the Trump monster try to get elected and then hope to rake up the pieces of their party to make a real run in 2020? Do they sit on the sidelines and allow the Trump monster to self-destruct on its own? Do they actually help the D get elected and try to gain some short term leverage / advantage for themselves in this unholy alliance? Do they try to derail the Trump monster at the convention and force the monster into a 3rd party run?

    The conundrum itself is the predictable (and Karma filled) result of manipulating a group of people for years to vote against their own best interests and then completely ignoring them once in office. Eventually, gross political dishonesty will come back to bite you, either in people abandoning your party or rising up in an intraparty revolt against their manipulators.

    So, if you've been a solid R backer during these past decades, you need to ask yourself ... am I one of the 1% ... or am I beholden to the 1% for a job, etc. ... or am I one of the suckers that have been lied to and manipulated to vote against your own best interests. Then, unless you're a true 1 percenter or one of the ones beholden to the 1%, you will need to decide if you will reevaluate your thought process or just continue to be a sucker.
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    Talk about suckers and their votes, he brought it up first.

    They try to say the 1% controls the Republican Party but just take a look at the Billionaires and who they support with THEIR MONEY. Look at all the super rich people that go and give to the Democrat fund raisers where Obama and Hillary goes to. look at all the Billionaires who support and give money to the anti-gun groups and they in turn help Democrat Party. So do the 1% really just support the Republican Party?? The last two elections say NO.



    To say the 1% just supports and controls the Republican Party is a lie and only suckers buy into it.
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    Please!!! I beseech all people of intelligence. Do not feed the communist "useful idiots."
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    Propaganda supports both parties and 1% or less controls the propaganda. Anyone thinking that is a lie is the sucker.
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    OH heck you done opened a big old can of worms there, get your armor suit on.
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    No worries, Duster ... no need for armor, I've been called names here that have gotten others banned for much less. I'm used to the haters and fear peddlers not being able to take what they give and it is expected. You see ... that's all they got. They can't defend their own message, so they have to attack anyone who disagrees with them. The real problem with my previous post is that if you've been a sucker for this long, chances are you're not smart enough to realize that fact. Once lies get repeated often enough, they become easier to believe with each telling ... not to mention it takes away from having to reflect on and accept that nearly all of the fiscal, foreign and social policies they have advocated have been complete failures when objectively reviewed in hindsight.
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    That is accurate for both sides of the aisle. Just a different set of fears to prey upon.

    Low information Dems are afraid the Reps will take away all the social programs and defund the schools so the rich can get richer.

    Low information Reps are deathly afraid the Dems are going to microchip us all and take away our guns.

    Somewhere in the middle is where it all will end up.
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    Just like the radical left. You want to stifle free speech. So let me get this straight...you want me banned because I used 2 political terms which aptly describe you?
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    Again, I think that is true for both sides of the aisle. Seems there are no fool proof methods. Someone is always wanting to pull one way or the other and somewhere in the middle is where it tends to work best.
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    Did I miss something? Who said they wanted you banned? Mods, please don't. We all love Ed!

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