What is hunting pressure?

Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by JGD, Nov 1, 2011.

  1. JGD

    JGD Spike

    Feb 3, 2008
    Nelson County
    We've all heard/read that hunting pressure is what makes deer hunting
    difficult or put another way... Hunting pressurized trophy whitetails is
    a very long odds endevor. So, how do you quantify hunting pressure?
    Is it simply too many hunters on a given acerage or boogering a big
    buck 3 days in a row? How do you know? Anyone have any stories
    on what pressure does to a buck? Read an article once about a B&C
    buck that was killed by a group of hunters that jumped him out of
    the same small thicket 3 days in a row while shooting at him 2 different
    days. The author said the buck felt very secure in his bedding site
    to return like that. I don't know. Seems pretty high pressure to me.
    Look foward to any theories, experiences and all around comments.

    Thanks and good luck, John.
  2. JDMiller

    JDMiller 12 pointer

    Jun 12, 2005
    " Between the Rivers "
    Hunting pressure is no different regardless of the animal. Whitetails , turkeys, yotes...whatever.

    Any & all presence of man in the animals home territory applies some amount of pressure that can change an animals normal routine.

    In direct regards to hunting & whitetails...from the time we start scouting , hanging stands...clearing lanes...putting out / checking our cameras, baiting... all the way through is hunting pressure. The more were there...the more it increases. Put more hunters afield...the more pressure is applied. The more its applied... a good hunter will addapt & change to the pressure.

    Archery hunters & gun hunters alike "pressure" whitetails.. but its the animals reaction to us is how we perceive it....as your example of the buck sticking to his bedding area. This wont happen in every occasion but surprises us when it does. Just goes to show us... we will never have an animals reaction figured out ...and when you think that increased pressure of others has ruined your hunting...think about it long & hard. It's not over until its over. Which is the mindset of many archery hunters when they think the "orange army" is the end to their hunting for the season...just not the case.

    Hope that my statements can be comprehended here.
  3. keith meador

    keith meador Got the Spotted Fever

    Every deer is different. We used to have a doe that had her little ones in a thicket right behind the shop. She would allow us to go about daily chores and never once did she offer to relocate. We knew she was there, and let her have the space to herself. When other deer were in the area, as soon as you open the back door at the shop, they bolted.

    Some deer react adversely to human odors, others will give a whiff and continue on their way. Someone started a thread earlier about deer looking up. I place a ladder stand over a food plot last year. I have yet to hunt from that stand. The deer never gave it a second look. The guys that lease next door hunt from ladder stands. Lately, I have watched several deer look up at that stand. Nothing has changed with it, but they now know to give it a quick look before entering the food plot.

    Imagine your disgust if you came home to find someone in your house. Deer must feel the same way. I cannot imagine the sensory overload a deer experiences on opening day of deer season. Doe pee, coon pee, grunt tubes, rattling antlers, 4 wheelers, coffee, cigarettes, bathroom breaks, you name it. How would you react if you came home to a cologne wearing, door slammin, cigarette smoking yahoo in your living room? Our reaction would be to toss the yahoo out on his ear, a deer will take flight.
  4. slickhead slayer

    slickhead slayer 12 pointer

    Nov 14, 2005
    VP OF ADMIN Development
    Well I don't like it, and have told him about it, but Buckfever still comes over unannounced all the time.
  5. kywallace69

    kywallace69 12 pointer

    Aug 18, 2008
    Zone 1
    I was scouting last year and bumped up a nice 10. Really nice! Easy 150". His antlers scraped the tree as he run off to watch his head move to the left as he did this. He was bedded down on a point coming from a ridge top. the next day I bumped him up again on the other property that I was hunting also, 1/8 mile down the road on another farm. I never see or heard from him again. No pics either. The neigbors told me that he was not killed and wondered where he went. This deer had enough of human encounters so he relocated somewhere else.
  6. Jerod

    Jerod 10 pointer

    Oct 30, 2008
    Man I hate bumping mature bucks. That's pressure
  7. dxtsniper

    dxtsniper 12 pointer

    Nov 7, 2009
    Turn around!
    in my experience if you put pressure on a MATURE whitetail buck it's about 100% that he will relocate or go nocturnal in a heartbeat. To me pressured deer are ones that live on heavily hunted public land are are like hunting crackheads. One wrong sound or smell and a mature doe starts hollaring and you will never see the buck that walks well behind the group and in a little thicker cover on a side trail.
  8. Nocturnal_2012

    Nocturnal_2012 6 pointer

    Oct 23, 2011
    Laurel County
    I have hunted different properties and discovered that the 5 pointer I that seen me and 2 others I jumped up out of their bedding didnt blow or scower off too fast like so I know they weren't spooked but during those 2 days of muzzleloader season I spooked a nice 10 pointer laying in a patch of honeysuckles across the field he blew at me and made an awful run about so I know hes probably relocated.As for the other sightings just watched all 5 of those just not what I was looking for.Hunting pressure is basically being in the woods period. But you can hunt different locations on the land/property and maybe 2x per week or less per spot,etc.

    Another aspect of it people think that ATV/UTV/Other Vehicles scare deer they actually adapt to sounds especially if they hear them all year. Then again some deer are different just like people they adapt a lot quicker than others and are affected more or less than others.A few things I personally wouldnt do is Urinate, or Spit etc no where near where you find rubs,scrapes or are using a blind/stand.
  9. new guy

    new guy Banned

    Jun 30, 2011
    deep in the mountains
    hunting eastern ky..thats hunting pressure
  10. 120+

    120+ 12 pointer

    I don't know. I think most of them are very use to 4wheelers and beer cans now.

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