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WHAT have YOU been doing Today??


12 pointer
Apr 21, 2005
patterned some reloads today and sighted in a Marlin 60W (same as a model 60 but with a walnut stock and 3" longer barrel).. All was going well and the last 5-shot string walked on me:oops: the front two allen screws in the rings came looses:rolleyes: and of course I didnt have the allen wrench with me,LOL.. The I dropped my boys bow off archery practice..
Then unloaded a small load of hay and feed..
Made a raised bed for my mother using a new design.


Little FR

12 pointer
Nov 10, 2021
West Kentucky
I don’t really understand them myself? My dads marlin 55 with poly choke kicks like a mule.
There are few things in life more satisfying than hunting with an old weird shotgun. Especially an heirloom old weird shotgun.

The bolt actions are natural for me to use. The ones without poly chokes are great accurate slug guns, the action stays dry in rain. You can top off with spare mag quickly. Nothing not to like really. Some folks are recoil sensitive but shotguns kick last time I checked.

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