WHAT have YOU been doing Today??


12 pointer
Apr 2, 2012
After huntin yesterday morning shot my crew coordinator a pic saying this is how you start your off time. He said he was going to be about 40 miles away this morning so I told him to bring his gun and come huntin. He got to my house about 3:30 this morning, two other guys I hunt with got here about 4:15, we went to the lake set up a freakin mondo spread, 12 dozen floaters and 10 spinners just for the hell of it, killed 8 more blue rockets this morning.
This afternoon went with Thomas as he bought his first car that’s truly his, helped him get insurance put on it, then went and watched our dove field for a couple hours. There’s enough there for me and my dad to have a decent little shoot tommorow afternoon.

Luther's Feist

10 pointer
Oct 25, 2014
Coeburn, Va
Burned out some yellow jackets this morning, then moved a few old landscaping stones, can only get the little ones. Back won't let me do to much. Then done some canning.



12 pointer
Jan 30, 2014
Henry County
Fixed breakfast.

Ran to town to pick up a few groceries (and some red worms so we can go fishing tomorrow).

Shredded a bunch of zucchini & started 12 trays of it drying in the dehydrators.

Picked okra out in the garden. (Hey Barney, the onions are coming up like crazy! Woohoo!!!!!) (Looks like we'll be picking butternut squash this weekend. All but 2 of the vines have died & the squash are just laying there. Not the biggest but they look ripe.)

Pulled the last of the cucumbers plants since they'd stopped producing & were dying back.

Made a big batch of creole okra, corn & tomatoes. Jarred it up & started it in the canner. I know it's delicious - I'm just not sure how well it will can so I'm considering this a test batch. (Not sure the okra will stand up to canning at corn times....)

Drained the latest crock of icicle pickles, boiled the syrup again, and poured it back over them for another day. (Plan is to can them either Saturday afternoon or Sunday but this has to be done every day until then.)

Fixed lunch. Home canned chili with crackers & peanut butter. Yum!

Cleaned up the unholy mess from everything this morning. Zucchini goo could be used as a replacement for super glue. Just sayin'!

Started moving everything from the dorm frig's into the new frig. Including a laundry basket full that we'd stowed down in the basement frig. Will get everything else moved after dinner tonight. It's gonna be soooo nice to have it all in one place again!!!

Scanned some documents for hubby's work & sent them to him.

Watered the plants on the deck.

Opened up all the house windows.

And now I'm kicking back & taking a break for a bit.....
I'm wore out just reading that. I admire your pioneer spirit.