WHAT have YOU been doing Today??

Lady Hunter

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Jan 12, 2009
@Lady Hunter
You mentioned dorm refrigerator. Ok. What size do I need to get my daughter. She got accepted to Murray university yesterday and she prolly gonna need some stuff. Guy at work said little fridge. How little is little. Lol.
I reckon first year she gotta stay in a dorm.
A lot of college students use the square "cube" refrigerators but they don't hold much so ours went for the larger ones. Some dorms don't allow them though so I'd suggest checking what is and isn't allowed before buying anything.



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Jan 12, 2006
South Central Kentucky
Been running like a chicken with it's head cut off....

Spent a good chunk of yesterday doing pre-op testing & hashing out insurance & billing at the hospital. (When the h-e-double-hockey-sticks did they start making you pay in advance?!?!?!?!?) The numbers still don't make sense to me but they're at least close now & I'll deal with the difference after I get EOB sheets, etc. from my insurance. NOTE: Always question!!!! They were trying to charge an additional $7000 for something that's not even part of the surgery I'm having tomorrow! I at least got that knocked off.

Got home to water all over the kitchen floor & and the inside of my side by side waaaaay warmer than it shoudl have been. 49 degrees in the freezer and 60-something in the frig. CRAP!!!!!!! Spent the better part of 2 hours, figuring out what was salvageable & what had to be pitched & trying to find places to stow anything salvageable. (Thank God I didn't let hubby sell the two dorm refrigerators the kids had at college back in the day. They're now stacked in the kitchen to hold us over until we can get the frig fixed or replaced.) Tried calling our repair guy but he's out of town due to a family emergency until next week. UUUGGH!!!!! Left a message for him to call whenever he gets back.

Today, I'm trying to get everything done before reporting for surgery too danged early tomorrow morning. Paid bills. Balanced checkbook. Researched the refrigerator issue & tracked down a defrost controller that may be the problem with the frig & got it ordered. It should be here tonight. Crossing fingers that it is and that it works! It's worth a $14 gamble. Watered the porch plants. Watered the deck plants. Picked cherry tomatoes & okra, zucchini (and pulled all but 2 of the plants) and the last of the cucumbers. Started another batch of icicle pickles (since the cukes wouldn't last til I could get to them next week & all hubby has to do for the next two days is stir them once a day). Washed 5 loads of laundry & will fold them after dinner tonight. Fixed breakfast & lunch & washed dishes.

Now I've gotta run pick up the pre-op meds that doctor called in to the pharmacy for me, get home, get a day bag packed for tomorrow, lay out clothes, fix supper (pepper steak to use up the green peppers that we couldn't fit into the dorm refrigerators), and make sure everything else is nailed down tight until I'm back up & running hopefully Monday or Tuesday.....

Oh and sometime this evening, I've got to water the top garden... even the okra is looking wilted.
Best of luck LH. 👍👍


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Apr 7, 2015
Brushhogging yesterday and will be doing so again today. Gonna have to recut it next week again before doing any planting.


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Oct 11, 2005
Going up Interstate 75 and saw This.
Who says you "Can't Take it With You."
Hearse with a Trailer behind..
First thing I thought of was @barney passed away and was taking his Ax Collection with him....
But I'm happy to report it was NOT our @barney

I'll definitely have my kids burry me with a Kelly Perfect, phantom bevel 3 lb western pattern double bit with a riven, white hickory handle hafted with perfect horizontal grain. If your very survival depended on a single tool, the aforementioned would be it.