WHAT have YOU been doing Today??


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Oct 25, 2013
Washington County
Had to move some damcows this morning. Buggy belt took a chit on me right off the bat. I hopped on the old 450 Foreman. That little 4 wheeler is a much better cow chasing mechanism I tell ya!!
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JR in KY

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Jan 25, 2006
The Occupied South

Mowing more Hay and I just about got this one. Mom Deer bounced out, so there's one there. I looked for a couple minutes before It moved its head. It struggled thru the tall grass for a couple yards. I hope it survives the night. This was a Little guy.

I found a turkey nest that Mr Coon had found first. Eggs had been sucked or broken.

Mrs. DUCK buzzed across the creek as I got close with about 8 little guys paddling behind. I wasn't fast nuff to get them swimming.


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Dec 26, 2004
Western Ky.
I was on my way home from work and my wife called crying. She told me our old girl had passed away. She was a 14 year old lab that I took in at the age of two from my neighbor when he passed from cancer. She was by my side every step I made or sat with me wherever I stopped. She was getting in bad shape and I was dreading having to put her down. I’m glad she went peacefully and no longer in pain.

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