WHAT have YOU been doing Today??



8 pointer
Oct 10, 2021
Mammoth Cave KY
Got my Dunstan Chestnut seeds out of cold stratification today. Have 260 seeds that I put in seedling pots. None had any mold on them and 99% were already cracked open with a radical sticking out. As you can see in the pic they are in my family room getting sun through the sliding glass door. They spend March in the house which really gives them a good jump start. First of April they go outside on carts I built with wheels. I can roll them into the garage for the night if there is a freeze or a heavy frost.


12 pointer
Jun 28, 2012
I have been to Smokey Bones in BG several times. Good groceries!

Today, in teenage wasteland, was especially unique. One girl drama episode after another (and I just ain’t about drama), lots of foul language, lesbo love/lust triangles, drugs, parents who make excuses for their kids…and on and on. “Instructional Leader” my @$$! Dealt with everything but instruction. Oh, and apparently, the reason I can’t get through to this one girl is because she doesn’t do well with “white men in authority”. I’m so sorry. I’ll work on that.

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