What guns and ammo everyone using


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Jun 28, 2012
Same here too. The furthest shot would be within 200 yards or less. All of the Deer I've taken averaged <75 yards, but did take one @ 150 yards one Season.

Even if all the leaves were off I’d be lucky to get 100 yd shot. Most 60 or less. Plus like I said, quiet all year but hunters will be everywhere that opening gun weekend.


Apr 11, 2016
Either the Winchester M70 in 7x57 mauser with 140 Nosler BT or the Remington Mountain rifle in 7mm-08 with the same 140 Nosler.
Been hunting with a .308 for over 30 years now. The last few years I've been using a DPMS LR308. Very heavy gun, if I had to do a lot of walking I would use something else, but it does its job when I do mine. Also have a TC Encore handgun in .308 (beware the man with one caliber) but I've only had it one year and haven't harvested with it yet.

Edit-Forgot to talk about the ammo. I was using Ultramax Nosler Ballistic Tip 165 gr for a few years, the DPMS loves it, but that got hard to find and now Ultramax has gone out of business after a factory fire. So I've gone straight to the source, using Nosler ammo, still 165 gr ballistic tip.
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Jan 2, 2009
raised n Bullitt Co.
I thought 30-30 was a great deer cartridge? Why isn't it a popular choice? Considering most hunts in Kentucky are not producing long shots, why not?
Within 100-150 yds a deer, dead is dead. 30-30 or 3 dozen other calibers, deer wont know the difference. I haven't hunted with a 30-30 since the late 80s, gun safe full of more versatile calibers. I think the best thing about the 30-30 is probably the easiest carry rifle out there.


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Aug 23, 2011
I’ve always shot core lokts. Been experimenting with Hornady.
I bought some Hornady SST 117 grain bullets earlier this year. A friend of mine is working on finding me a good load. He sent me 3 each of 6 loads, and we narrowed it down a little, then he split the grains in half, and sent 6 more loads. Stupid me didn't clean the barrel before that go round, and none of them shot well. I told him to just wait, and we will zero in on it next year. I can't shoot more than 125-150 yards where I'm hunting anyway, so it's not a big deal... It will be nice to have a 1.5-2" grouping load at 200 yards....

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