What are these called?


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Nov 30, 2005
Staffordsville, KY
Terminal end of a wire in the head of my Minnkota trolling motor. I broke the wire off accidentally trying to separate the male end. This is the female end by the way. The wire attaches with a double role crimp. Anyone know what these are called and if there’s any special tool that helps make the crimp? I’m going to have to buy some of these and splice the wire. Thanks guys.


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Sep 23, 2005
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They're spade connectors, make sure you get one for the appropriate gauge wire you are putting it on. Also, since it's going on your trolling motor I would get the type with the heat shrink on the back of the connector.

Edit to add: Most of the crimpers suck. If you are going to crimp it, get a pair of Klein crimpers or just solder it.
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