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    Just did a bit of reading about Marsy's Law, the Victim's Rights Amendment Proposal that will appear on the ballots Tuesday.

    Based on the information I've read so far, I'd have to come down in favor of it and vote accordingly. The only negative I can see is the possible increase in cost but we're going to get screwed on that anyway and it does seem to increase the probability that the victim of any crime will be able to at least have a voice in the handling of their case and would be much more likely to receive compensation for their losses or at least get that type of judgement ... in addition to seeing the criminal go to jail. It also seems to guarantee that the victim would get to have a voice in letting the convicted criminal out on parole.

    The biggest objection seems to be that, in Kentucky at least, there are supposed to be laws already on the books that cover much of this but they don't seem to work very well. I'm thinking in particular of the Gabbi Doolin murder in Scottsville where the parents have stated several times that they can't find out a damn thing about what's going on with their own daughter's murder case.

    Dunno .... what say you ...... are you for or against the Amendment?
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