We've had great shot thread,easy miss thread how bout stupidest thread


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Feb 14, 2003
So one morning in a far away land I had this doe at 15 yards. Wide slap open. Can't mess this one up!! (Wanna bet?)............ and I shoot right under her. Like............it had to have cut the white hair under there! Left and right my arrow was perfect. She hopped about another 10 yards and went to feeding again. Too thick. No chance for a second shot. The old recurve doesn't make much noise I guess. Instinctive shooting..........quite the challenge.

Same day, Same tree, evening hunt. Another doe, 17 yards. One window of opportunity. Not gonna shoot under this one after what happened this morning, right? Sailed that thing right over her back. Had to have cut the hair on her back. Left and right my arrow was perfect! UGGGHHH!!

No, I wasn't a kid when this happened. Did I mention that this incident was only about 6 weeks ago!! :)

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Dec 14, 2001
Up in the woods above Lake Malone
Years ago bowhunting on Peabody Sinclair tract pre WMA. Set up in what I call a homestead oak standing on a limb ,we have all seen those huge oaks from where houses set years ago. Just off the main powerline heading south from TVA. Had one heck of a trail that ran right in front of me into the powerline. Sitting there near dark I spotted a doe not on the trail but walking up the edge of the powerline almost dark. When she got close she cut left into some brush. That's ok I thought just keep walking and your going to cross that clear spot soon 25 yards away. Got the old Bear Alaskan ready and as she got close to that opening drew back. When she hit the opening I let one fly, darn that arrow went down fast and shot under her, nocked another arrow picked the next clear spot she would pass thru and got ready. When she hit that opening I let another fly, darn that arrow went left behind her. This went on 2 more times the arrow just wouldn't go where aimed. Only with four arrows in my quiver now empty I got down and packed it in. By then it was to dark to see so I thought I will come back in the morning and find my arrows. Well what I thought was clear spots had honeysuckle vines without leaves everyplace. That's what she was doing walking along eating honeysuckle leaves here and there. Now I know why I kept missing, every shot I made was hitting those vines and going wild.
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May 7, 2009
morgan county ky
I am some what embarrassed to say that i had a acquaintance back in the early 90's that was getting ready for muzzle loader season. he was starting to clean his "unloaded" rifle at his kitchen table he got hot soapy water and all his cleaning supplies out and started swabbing the barrel. When no water was coming out of the nipple he decided to dry it off and put a cap on to clear out the fowling. well this really intelligent person placed his left index finger over the muzzle as he pulled the trigger after taking off 1/2 of his finger the bullet traveled through a wall and lodged in the headboard of a brass bead. This dude was and is one of the biggest bone heads I ever met!

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