Well she is now at Murray.


Apr 14, 2003
Fern Creek KY
Moved in and joined a sorority. Alpha Delta Pi I believe. Seems to be adjusting and liking it. Time will tell. LOL Now to get her to buckle down and get studying. LOL


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Apr 2, 2012
She'll have fun. G/f moved her daughter back in week before last for her sophomore year

Brutus Hedgeapple

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Jul 30, 2002
South Central Ky.
Took my daughter to MTSU yesterday and dropped her off. It was rough leavin her. She's in the band and they had to report a week early and none of her friends are there yet. Left her all alone it that killed me most.


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Apr 16, 2006
Telecheck 018
My daughter decided to spend her last semester back at home - in East Calloway County instead of renting an apartment in Murray with three other party animals in town. She's finally decided that her dad was right now that she's having to add an additional semester to have enough credits to graduate after dropping so many hours each semester because college interfered with her fast food job and party life.

Although there is some satisfaction in being proven right, some kids have to learn it on their own. Can't blame her. Hell, it's a miracle I lived through my twenties, even with the US Navy's tender guiding hand.

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