We owe it to the deer....

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    As a full-grown man, I wasn't allowed out with a gun till I could hit a 6" circle at 100 yards offhand, and put a 2-3" group at 50 yards.

    I don't really know much about hunting, but parenting-wise, I think this is a smart choice, as long as it didn't come off as a punishment, but as a real concern for the deer, the sport, and him as a good ethical hunter and human being. That seems like a powerful lesson.
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    Heck when I was twenty I couldn't hit a deer at 100 yards. I had to seat up a little closer. If I had to worry about having my gun taken away, even now, if I missed I'd be a nervous wreck. Naw, I'd just quit hunting. What helped me was a bolt action .223 and a lot of ammo.
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    Feb 13, 2011
    And this is what I have stressed to him all week. I don't really care if he misses at a target. I kept telling him it was unacceptable to shoot poorly and make an unethical shot on a deer. It was his responsibility to make a clean, humane kill for the deer. I have never considered it as a punishment at all. The title of this thread really sums up what I have preaching to him all week. I do agree it is a powerful lesson. However, it's breaking my heart as much as his. I couldn't help but console him when he puts his head down on the table and was sobbing. However I do feel it is partially his fault for not heeding my suggestions all year long regarding his BB gun. I feel like he wants me to do everything FOR him where he doesn't have to do anything. If he doesn't want it bad enough, I guess he won't have it.

    PT: what's his problem? I just watched the shot about 30-40 times again. Maybe....and that's a big maybe...he is dropping his head down and slightly back (flinching) just a hair. I can't tell for sure. I'm gonna let my uncle watch it tomorrow to see what he thinks.

    High Rack: it is not over the missed deer. As I was consoling him, I told him it was better to have a clean miss than a wounded deer. But he has shown he can't make a clean shot. Clean miss really doesn't bother me. The fact that he has no control of where that bullet is going is the issue. I told him as ethical hunter, he needed to be able to make a clean kill. And apparently he can't.

    I'm really not getting mad, annoyed, upset, etc by any of your remarks. I'm trying to find the best thing to do and proceed. I told him about this thread and asked how he would like to handle the situation. He said he wanted to shoot some more here at the house so that's the plan right now. I never considered limiting his range until I started typing this post but I may consider that too.
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    Is he shooting with his dominant eye?
  5. KYBH4Life

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    Feb 13, 2011
    Yes....we cleared that issue up last year where he was cross-sighting. On the video, he was using his right eye no problem.
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    This year I took two kids out, which is one more than I have for the past two years. One is my nephew (15; this is his third year rifle hunting) and a buddies son (14; who has bow hunted but never hunted deer with a firearm and had not shot the rifle until this Friday because he lives 2 hours away). They both were told on Friday that they had to put 2 holes in a 6 inch circle at 100 yards. My nephew shot 10 rounds and barely managed to put two in the circle, my buddies son sat down and his first two shots were perfect. Saturday morning my buddies son gets first crack at a deer and it takes him three shots. First he hit her in the hind legs breaking both dropping her where she stood, second (we found out later) barely nicked her hind leg, and the third one was at point blank range and was perfect. My nephew, who had so much trouble getting two in the circle, got his chance Saturday afternoon. One shot at 150 yards split the does heart in half. I could not believe how the rolls reversed when it mattered.
    I completely agree with you, it would be very hard to tell him his season was over but something isn't right and my way of thinking is that he needs more time at the range. As much as I would have hated to if my nephew had not gotten those two shots into that circle he would not have hunted yesterday morning.
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    My daughter missed a buck twice at 40 yards yesterday and completely froze up on another tonight. She froze up during youth turkey season this year with 7 standing 15 yards in front of her. She can shoot when it comes to targets and aluminum cans... but they don't bring the same adrenaline dump that wild game does. I'm keeping her shots to 50 yards or less as I know she can drill those if she can get it together. I just don't want her to make a bad shot and the follow up activities ruin her on her first deer but I don't think the nerve thing will get any better with age. It's simple inexperience of shooting at live game. I know the first deer that I killed 34 years ago, I shot in the hoof on the first shot and right in the eardrum on the second. Opposite ends of the spectrum from where I thought I was aiming.

    I've thought about just taking her along and shooting some deer in front of her as just a spectator. I don't know if that will help with her nerves or not. She's never seen one shot.

    Is your son pulling off of the scope in anticipation of watching the deer fall? That's a sure miss every time.
  8. DRS

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    Mar 3, 2010
    How true! I agree that this thing called "Buck Fever" remains with us to some degree even as we've hunted for years & years. Take yesterday....I had a very nice 8-pointer with a wide rack come-up behind me and stopped in a brushy area just 30 feet from my stand. I knew there was no way I could get a shot at him, but my heart was pounding!! He walked off then doubled back 50 yards in from of my stand but the spot where he was moving into a spot where several trees were blocking a good view of him. He then moved to where I could see his head and waited until I could see more of him, well he came out and I placed my cross hairs on him but as I pulled the trigger he stepped down in a valley causing me to shoot over him. Got down from my stand to check to see if I might have hit him but found no blood or blood trail. After I shot I did see him take off like a rocket running up the hill, away from me, with his tail held high. Hope I'll see him this morning or another Buck like him.:)
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    range time. tell him if he wants to hunt, he needs to practice more. 22's or 17 hmr's are cheap to shoot. that buckfever is a wicked thing.
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    My 7 year old killed his first deer this year, but he has a range limit. I would suggest that, before telling him that he can't go.

    I'm not going to tell anyone what to do, but I would definitely let him go and just restrict the range limit, that way you can keep him in the game.
  11. Fat Rax

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    I agree with most that's been said but there is a process to determine the problem. First and foremost time on the range with the rifle he is hunting with. A BB gun will not give him the experience he needs to hunt big game. Once you his marksmanship is adequate then take him out. If the problem continues then you know it's something other than his aim. Likely breathing or nerves on the trigger pull. Encourage not discipline>
  12. KYBH4Life

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    Feb 13, 2011
    Well, there has been an interesting turn of events on this. I found his deer this morning, a button buck. About 100 yards from where we jumped it yesterday morning while looking for blood. The shot was actually pretty good. Right behind the shoulder but only about 2" above the white belly fur line (why didn't I take pic??)...so a little low. I feel like that still should have put it down sooner. We gave it 20 mins after the shot (he said he thought it was limping) and never found any blood. When it jumped in front of us 10 yards away, I went to where it was standing and no blood there either. There was only a very faint bloody spot on the deer this morning and I back tracked and could not find anything.

    I have had this problem for 3 yrs with this gun. I almost sold it last year to buy a 7mm-08. I know there are many on here who swear the .243 is plenty enough for deer. But this is the fourth deer ( out of 4 shot...so 100%) that there has been no exit hole. Three were under 100 lbs and the 5 pt was about 125. It's gonna be 7mm-08 next year.

    Looking forward to telling him that he didn't mess up. I don't feel it was that bad of a shot. Hope it brightens his spirits

    Had 2 bucks within 40 yards today. Why couldn't that happen with him there? A fawn came in with the 8 pt and I swear that thing wasn't more than 20 lbs. I thought it was a coyote at first. The 8 pt was 4-5 times as big as it. You could grab it like a duffel bag and carry it to the truck
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    good for him, he'll be tickled to death. now all these post can be deleted :) 7mm-08 shooting accubonds is hard to beat.
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    Can he hit a squirrel in the head with a .22?

    I don't think that BB gun to deer rifle is a good progression.

    Read your post above. What shells ar you shooting in that .243? That was what i killed my first few deer with. Most all looked like it turned the front half organs to mush and sprayed blood like you were pitching it out in 5 gallon bucket fulls.
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    After the population growth, the larger deer running around from all the corn piles, mineral deposits, and crop plots planted in their name. No, I think they owe us. I only owe them a piece of lead or a broadhead.

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