Walleye Tournament Cheaters


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Nov 30, 2005
Staffordsville, KY
Saw this on BBC yesterday. Guys like this need to be made examples of. Apparently these guys have won somewhere near 300K over the last few years, including boats. Would be nice to see them charged but who knows. Stuff like this, and other reasons, is why I don’t care much for tournament fishing.


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Aug 5, 2015
Need to run metal detector over the fish at weigh in.
Cut em open and remove all doubt.
Looks like the weigh in people could feel the weights inside the fish and I heard it was 8 pounds of lead balls.

I am going to have a record turkey next spring; I'd say 50 pounds should do it. Might have to put a couple stitches to keep the lead balls from rolling out or
make sure to hang him up by his feet.

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