VPA Broadheads


Nov 7, 2019
Fort Knox
I’m genuinely curious why you would choose a broadhead like that. Are you by chance getting dropped off in the Yukon for five years and only allowed to take three broad heads and a sharpening stone? I’m sure they’re the toughest thing around but with the options available today just seems like a poor choice for ky deer imo
LOL ... Just decided to give them a try. What I read was this design provides the best opportunity for a full passthrough. The single bevel is supposed to twist through and separate bone. Might be more than I need, but it'll be the arrow I use if a deer is closer in than 30yds.

Took a diamond stone to the one with the gouged edge last night. It's down to 144.1grs, and I am quite happy with the edges now. The one I had yet to sharpen had a pitted-out area (like in the first pic) more towards the tip of the broadhead. Had to hone this one to get the edge flat too. Without that flat edge, you can't raise a burr with finer stones. All flew well in the backyard. Going to the range this afternoon and shoot them out to 60.

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