Virginia Gun Confiscation Bill Pulled as Huge Pro-Gun Crowd Shows Up at Legislature To Protest

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    I have no doubt this an attempt for the DemonRats to actually set off a shooting an attempt to demonize the patriots and demonstrate their "white extremism". I also have no doubt Obama is still involved in this "deep state", threatening people not to do what he/organization says. And refusing to do their agenda will cause them to be arrested once they overthrow the government.

    Vid at link.
    Virginia Gun Confiscation Bill Pulled as Huge Pro-Gun Crowd Shows Up at Legislature To Protest

    By Joe Saunders
    Published January 14, 2020 at 2:52pm

    Democrats might wield power in the Old Dominion, but gun rights backers haven’t given up the fight.

    As lawmakers met Monday to consider a slew of gun control bills, they were greeted by “thousands” of Second Amendment supporters determined to voice their opposition, The Washington Free Beacon reported.

    Even in the face of that kind of popular discontent, four measures moved forward in the state’s Senate Judiciary Committee, thanks to a Democratic majority, though some were in slightly weakened form, The Free Beacon reported.

    But one bill, known as SB 16, a controversial measure that would have “effectively” allowed authorities to confiscate weapons that violate it, was withdrawn entirely, The Free Beacon reported.

    It was the potential of people power on full display.

    “We are beyond impressed by today’s turnout,” said D.J. Spiker, Virginia state director for the National Rifle Association’s Institute for Legislative Action, according to The Free Beacon.

    “You can see the passion and enthusiasm that the citizens of Virginia have in joining us in this fight,” Spiker said.

    It’s a fight that’s been building since the fall’s elections put both houses of the state legislature in Democratic hands, along with the governor’s office, which Democrat Ralph Northam won in 2017.

    In response to ambitious Democratic plans to proceed with gun control measures, Second Amendment supporters have mobilized throughout the state, with individual jurisdictions declaring themselves to be “sanctuaries” for Second Amendment rights.

    But with the legislature in session, the conflict is being concentrated in the Virginia State Capitol in Richmond

    And gun rights supporters made it clear they aren’t backing down.
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    I've not checked into it, but I've heard that they did a similar thing like they did in Ky where they withdrew one bill, but filed another one that was only slightly different from the first one.
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