Vigilantes on the border, it was bound to happen

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    Never joined the military was talked out of it ,no regrets became a man with out it , and love my country just the same and more than some vets I have witnessed in person but my family that has served and some still in say theirs soldiers , and theirs folks in the military LOL All I can say is I love my country and I have the utmost respect for our soldiers of all races and both sexes ...sorry folks but that's all their is boys and girls
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    Nope not all USAF members fly's planes. That's reserved for Officers and I was just a lowly enlisted man. I painted a lot of them and flight line equipment tho, along with other jobs they had us do when we had no planes to paint. As I said you belong to them once you raise that right hand take the oath and sign on the line. Being the self proclaimed Military expert you claim to be I thought you might know that.
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    I had plans to join and retire from the military! Screwed up and got engaged, and let the little head talk me out of it.
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    Yeah my old man told me once to not let your little head to the thinking for your big one. My brother retired from the USAF after IIRC 28 years. Got to travel all over the world while I got stuck on the Gulf Coast in Florida and Mississippi. I got to visit him in Texas at his base a few times when I was in high school and joined up. He had perks that let me stay in his barracks room when I came to visit. He ended up being a Generals Aide the last 10 years or so. Still lives in Texas.
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    Well now that that's what you've called me then this self proclaimed military expert will let the younger people know what the truth is about servicing during Vietnam.

    The only time they used draft people in the Army Air Force and the Navy was in WW II, back then there were short of people in some places so they simply filled them with people that were drafted.

    Vietnam had no such problem, in fact there were long waiting lines of people wanting to join up in the Air Force, Navy and Coast Guard to keep from being drafted and send to combat units where they had to fight and possibly die. Ever inside Vietnam itself the Air and Navy bases, while they had their own troops that protected them inside the base, were mostly protected with Army/Marine combat units outside the bases. The main Air bases were also OUTSIDE of Vietnam. The choice gigs were to stay state side where there was no combat.

    There was no Bastogne in Vietnam so the US military didn't have to send non-combat units to fight, they just sent them to other bases inside their own branch. The only times non-combat units did see action was when the base they were on was attacked like in the Tet Offensive or on their own caught rides to the fighting.

    Yes, you serviced, and thank you for your service but you was not over there. I have too many family and friends that were over there and a few who's names are on The Wall. They all told me different stories than the ones that were not in the fire fights.
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    I never claim to be in Nam, in fact many times I have said the USAF though best for them was to keep me in the USA. YOU do NOT have a Choice They OWN you. Two bases in Florida and one in Mississippi. And the Marines in a round about way drafted during the Nam years. My cousin was drafted and was in line at the induction center in Louisville and a man walk down the line and was going Army=Army=Army= Marines. Yep my cousin was the lucky 4th one and went to Paris Island and Nam.
    EDIT..Did you know the Vietnam era vet's got a nice check from the state of Ky thanks to the sales tax. Anyone that served over there got a grand, those that didn't got $500. I had fun living in Indiana spending your sales tax $$. Thank you.

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