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    Nov 21, 2003
    campbellsville, ky
    So I order some snares, bait, and lures for trapping online. I pay 20$ in shipping and handling 2 day USPS. The package goes to a nice young lady at an address who's only similarity is '40', who luckily knows me and let's me know it's there. I go by and pick it up today and call USPS to tell them the situation, and ask for a partial if not full refund on shipping since they didn't ship it to me. The guy (who was very kind and apologetic) says I'm sincerely sorry but we don't 'refund or even guarantee' items that are lost or undelivered. Very nice guy but you could tell his hands were tied.

    Just some info for you guys ordering stuff this time of year. Maybe try fed/ex or ups.

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  2. muddhunter

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    Oct 18, 2005
    The way that lure smells, the UPS guy probably just dropped it at his first stop to get it out of the truck.
  3. WildmanWilson

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    Dec 26, 2004
    Western Ky.
    Most times the UPS guy just kicks it out while driving by at full speed into the waiting jawls of your dogs. Consider yourself lucky!!
  4. sheperd

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    Nov 4, 2003
    Bardstown, Ky
    Quit it. I just lost half a drink up my nose.

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  5. GrouseAssasin

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    Aug 1, 2009
    Jackson, ky
    DONT USE FEDEX!!!!! Our local UPS guy's are awesome, its the Fedex drivers that can't find our house. EVERY time we've had something shipped Fedex we wind up having to go track it down at one of our neighbors houses like you did. Never had a problem with UPS or USPS. If my wife and I are both gone and the package wont fit in the mailbox the mailman/UPS guy will leave it in one our vehicles. UPS guy will flip one of my windshield wipers up so I notice it. We have two dogs that would gladly open and destroy our mail for us :grumpy:. The Fedex drivers seem to not have any concept of delivering to the address on the package, just dump it somewhere in the vicinity to get it off their truck.
  6. Art

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    Nov 27, 2004
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    If I get any of your packages to deliver at UPS, I'm going to re-route them to Guam.
  7. USPS threw my Revo Toro NACL reel on the ground beside of my mailbox when they delivered it last week. I don't know why since it would have fit very easily into the mailbox.
    My Dad's austrailian shepard pup opened the package and gnawed on the reel handles and tore the box all to pieces.
    Thanks to USPS, one of my Christmas presents has a bunch of teeth marks in it.
  8. slipped cork

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    Nov 24, 2008
    Borderline Insanity, KY
    Do it! If you get his pkg the gubment is busted. Probally already get them huh?

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